: Leadership Retreat 1999

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Evelyn Hermann
Evelyn Hermann teaching
Martin Beaver with mother-in-law, Hiroko Primrose, wife, Mana, and daughter, Anna.
Waltraud Suzuki at the 1994 Conference
A breakfast and book signing sponsored by Summy-Birchard brought participants to meet authors of Suzuki materials.
William Kossler demonstrated guitar teaching techniques at his session “Reading Development.”
Summer Institute Directors met to discuss ideas and issues.
“Tools for Your truck: NLP for Suzuki Teachers” was the topic of Ed Sprunger’s popular violin area session.
Flute Session at the 1994 Conference
Viola Session at the 1994 Conference
Student chamber groups performed in a session demonstrating appropriate repertoire.
Student chamber groups performed in a session demonstrating appropriate repertoire.
Attendees filled conference rooms for concurrent sessions on specific instrument topics and general sessions.
Attended by players of all instruments, Toshio Takahashi’s lively opera sessions were characterized by his infectious humor and enthusiasm.
Sunday’s Ensemble Concert featured four violin groups and the Preucil School of Music Orchestra.
Masterclasses were given by Hiroko Masaoka and Haruko Kataoka of Japan.
Carol Tarr at the 1994 SAA Conference
Jeff Cox at the 1994 SAA Conference
Board meeting at the 1994 SAA Conference
Board members worked before, during, and after the Conference to support the new directions for the SAA.
Generous exhibitor donated exciting prizes for the Saturday luncheon raffle.
The luncheon also featured a performance by the Wheaton College Suzuki Program Viola Ensemble.
Dr. James Garbarino encouraged SAA members to consider the larger community in which we work to improve the lives of children.
Piano masterclass clinician Claude Frank inspired students and teachers with his warmth and vigor.
Donald Weilerstein from the Cleveland Institute of Music provided students and teachers with new ideas and inspiration.
2000 Board of Directors at the conference
1999 Board of Directors at the Leadership Retreat
1988 SAA Board of Directors
Yvonne Tait
William Starr speaking
Anastasia Jempelis and violin student
Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Alfred Garson and with a young violin student
25 Years Panel
Piano Boy
Piano student with Doris Koppelman
Pat D’Ercole
Waltraud Suzuki
Gilda Barston
Tanya Carey
William Preucil with statue of Pablo Casals
Paul Landefeld with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Dorothy Jones
Mark Bjork
Toshio Takahashi with Suzuki flute students

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