Sharing the fotos from the last workshop in Chile

Lucha Labarthe (Perú), Blancamaría Montecinos (Chile) y Pam Brasch

Image by Blancamaria Montecinos

Blancamaria Montecinos

Blancamaría Montecinos V. is a SUZUKI Piano, Pre-Piano, and Early Childhood Education teacher. Former president of the Chilean Suzuki Association, and collaborator with 30 years of experience teaching the Suzuki Method. Currently the director of Escuela de Música Suzuki Chile in Santiago, Chile; with a team of 13 teachers and more than 250 students. Motivating and inspiring teachers for over a decade she is currently a certified SAA Teacher Trainer.
During this pandemic year, BM had an intense work with TTs giving online seminars in “Transition into Prepiano” “Reading at the piano”, and Filosofía, Book 1 unit, and Prepiano the first approach.

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