September 11, 2016 Memorial at St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

Students of Sanchie Bobrow’s Staten Island, NY studio on the steps outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, after performing at a memorial service for the families of firefighters who lost their lives during the tragedy of September 11, 2011. These young violinists are proud of their service to the community.

Image by Sanchie Bobrow

Sanchie Bobrow

Sanchie Bobrow received her Suzuki teacher training from Louise Behrend and has been a member of the violin faculty of the School for Strings in New york City since 1988. She is the director of the Mighty String Demons, an ensemble of young violinists, who perform at schools, senior homes, hospitals, museums, and charity events in their Staten Island community. Ms. Bobrow has written several articles on violin pedagogy for the Suzuki Association of the Americas Journal as well as the School for Strings’ newsletter, The Tuning Fork. A composer as well as a violin instructor, Ms. Bobrow had her composition for string orchestra, Points of Light, premiered by the Camerata of the School for Strings at the school’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert at Carnegie Hall in May of 2011. Her composition, The Elephant’s Secret, for narrator and string ensemble, is available for purchase at

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