Paschal and Anna Catharina with Kelly Williamson

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Kelly Williamson and donated flute for the Blind Institute
Suzuki flute concert in Arusha, Tanzania
Pablo and Kelly Williamson
Flute Book 1 and 2 class with Kelly Williamson
Flutists at the Montreal summer institute with teachers David Gerry, Kelly Williamson, and Sara Traficante.
Boulder Suzuki Strings performing in South Africa
Buenos Aires flute book 1 class with Kelly Williamson, right.
Suzuki flute book 1 class in Lima with Kelly Williamson
Tarcicio Andrade, Diana Bettin, Winivere Roman, and Claudia Gomez receiving donated flutes. Kelly Williamson at right.
Kelly Williamson and flute student at the Bogota Suzuki Festival in June, 2008.
London Flutes Fundraiser for South American Flute Programs
Kelly Williamson and Camila