Music Alphabet Game

Ephraim Berry (Age 3) and Hannah Halligan (age 4) doing a music alphabet game with Joan Krzywicki

Image by Joan Krzywicki

Joan Krzywicki

Joan Krzywicki earned a BME degree from Indiana University where she carried a second major in piano performance. She also has a master’s degree from Youngstown State University in Ohio. Joan became a Teacher Trainer for the SAA in 1993. She maintains a private studio in her home and also does teacher training at Temple University in Philadelphia. Joan is nationally certified by the Music Teachers National Association. She has been a guest clinician and teacher trainer at workshops and Institutes in the US, Canada, England, Sweden, and Argentina. Her students have earned the highest honors at both local and statewide festivals. Joan was the piano coordinator for the 2010 SAA conference, and she recently served on the SAA Board of Directors.

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