From Pilsen to Matsumoto

Andrea Aguilera, 13 and an 8th grader at St. Barbara Catholic School, has played violin with Merit for seven years, and traveled with the group to Matsumoto.

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Teaching in Matsumoto
Suzuki Voice students in Matsumoto 1989
Violinist Julie Bamberger at the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention
Cathryn Lee and Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, Matsumoto, 1975
Matsumoto, Japan
The famous Matsumoto Castle
Welcome banners in shop windows all over Matsumoto greet convention goers.
Matsumoto City General Gymnasium, site of opening and closing concerts
Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!
Mountain View
Shinichi Suzuki Memorial Museum
Monet Quartet after their Master Class with Becca Albers