Montessori student with Wee Ling Sim, working on the sounds of the alphabet

Montessori student with Wee Ling Sim, working on the sounds of the alphabet

Image by Wee Ling Sim

Wee Ling Sim

Wee Ling Sim grew up in Singapore and came to the United States to study music on a full tuition scholarship. She graduated with a bachelor of music education from VanderCook College of Music. While in college, due to the sudden death of her father and in dire financial need, she gladly accepted a job teaching woodwind lessons for a local band director. When told by the director to stop playing for her students or with them in lessons, she went on a search for a different approach to teaching. She chanced upon a book sitting on the shelves of the Chicago Public library. That book was Nutured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Since then, she has taken classes with Doris Koppelman, Doris Harrel, Caroline Fraser, Pandora Bryce, David Gerry, Moshe Neumann, Valery Lloyd-Watts, Dorothy and Sharon Jones. She lives with her family near South Bend, Indiana.

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