Las Vegas -October 2021

Las Vegas Suzuki Community celebrated 123-rd Suzuki B-day . October 2021 students, parents and teachers celebrated Dr. Suzuki B-day by playing Suzuki repertoire on piano, violin, viola, cello and flute. Teachers, parents and students celebrated the love and the believes of supporting the music and young musicians in our community.

Image by Ioana Weathers

Ioana Weathers

I am Ioana Paula Weathers, violin Suzuki and traditional teacher at Doral Academy and my Suzuki studio, Miss Ioana’s music studio in Las Vegas.
Former Director of Suzuki Talent Education at NSA and a violin teacher, I am always reaching out for my students to grow their ability and develop their talent, character, through violin. The wonderful repertoire of Suzuki and traditional repertoire students become wonderful human been ,recognizing the beauty of life. As a music teacher for over 25 years ,I am always looking for each child to have fun and create their music with heart and care. I am accepting new students anytime.

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