Gilda Barston and Friends

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Nell Novak & Gilda Barston
Gilda Barston
Gilda Barston gives a cello session at the 2006 SAA Conference
Gilda Barston, Bill Starr, and Barbara Wampner at the 2012 Conference
Gilda Barston, Teri Einfeld, Linda Fiore, and Lorraine Fink
Gilda Barston in the money coat at the 2001 SAA Leadership Retreat.
Amy Sue Barston
Reaching higher
Leadership Retreat 1999
Gilda Barston, Judy Bagnato, and Paul Landefeld at the 2010 Conference. Judy Bagnato received a CLC Award.
Leadership Retreat 1999
Gilda Barston, Carla Brasch, Blake Brasch, Carol Tarr, Carol Ourada, Nancy Hair, Dee Martz, and Carol Waldvogel