Farmers Market

After their last lesson of the school year, a group of students from Jen Kovarovic’s Seattle studio, Suzuki by the Sound, went busking at the Columbia City Farmers Market. The community got to enjoy a lovely evening of music and the students got to take home some yummy treats produced by local farmers. A win-win for everyone!

Image by Jennifer Kovarovic

Jennifer Kovarovic

Jennifer Kovarovic has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from New York
University and a Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology from the University of
Washington. Jennifer was trained for two years at the School for Strings and has registered Every
Child Can, plus Suzuki Books 1-10. After auditing a Suzuki Pedagogy course for a year at the
University of Maryland, she completed a private apprenticeship with Ronda Cole. Currently, she
directs her own studio, Suzuki by the Sound, in Seattle, Washington.

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