Excellence from the Start - The Suzuki Piano Student's Journey

“Excellence from the Start – the Suzuki Piano Student’s Journey” has been brewing for a few years.   Suzuki piano teachers were searching for a way to publicize the Suzuki approach to learning the piano.  We thought it would be fantastic if Suzuki Piano were as readily recognized as Suzuki Violin!  While photos/videos of young Suzuki violinists playing together always leaves an instant impression, such images do not work for pianists!  For the most part pianists are soloists.  Yet Suzuki Piano is just as unique and distinctive!

Inspired by the Suzuki guitar video “The Sound of Success,” a small group of Suzuki Piano teachers pooled ideas to help tell our story.  At the 2017 SAA Leadership Retreat at Deer Park, the ad-hoc Suzuki Piano Video Committee—Gail Lange, Chair, Fay Adams, Gail Gebhart, and Joan Krzywicki—went to work. They evaluated videos that were submitted and selected photos from many teachers. The teachers at the Retreat were interviewed, which providing a wealth of information to be presented throughout the video. Then with some additional footage added from the 2018 Conference “Carnival of the Animals,” and the amazing work of our producer Laura Wong Burnett, … Voilà! 

Please enjoy the Suzuki Piano Student’s Journey!

Premiered on October 4, 2019

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