Downtown Minneapolis

Image by Nancy Brown, Nancy Brown, Nancy Lee Brown

Nancy Brown

2008 SAA Conference Assistant Hospitality Chairman, SAA Journal SECE article-Spring 2008 issue. Graduate of Clemson Univ. with BA and MEd in Elementary Education, minor in music. Post-graduate studies include various music courses. Married, 3 sons who studied Suzuki piano, enjoying our 9 grandchildren. Third-generation piano teacher for over 45 years, Suzuki teacher 35+years. Pre-college piano and violin student, SC All-State orchestras. Suzuki Piano and Suzuki Early Childhood Education SAA teacher training. Various enrichment course teacher training. Active member of various local, state and national music organizations. Violinist with Gaston String Orchestra. Sing in church choir. Clinician for NC Suzuki Association at state-wide play-ins for piano and Suzuki Early Childhood classes, local workshops, organizer of NCSA teachers’ retreats and SECE teacher training, contributor to newsletters, a Past-President of NCSA.

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