Victoria Vorreiter

Victoria Vorreiter is grateful and honored to have been a member of the Suzuki community for many years, teaching families in programs in the United States, France and England, with workshops farther afield. She remains inspired by the teachings of Shinichi Suzuki, which continue to guide her on her travels documenting the heart response to music in traditional communities. After creating her first documentary film on the traditional music of Morocco in 2002, she moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she has spent the past six years trekking to remote mountain villages in Myanmar/Burma, China, Thailand and Laos, to archive songs and ceremonies of the tribal peoples through film, photos, recordings and journals. In recent years Victoria has been weaving these materials together, which are just now coming out in several dynamic forms: the Songs of Memory multi-media museum exhibition; photo exhibits; a series of educational films; a Songs of Memory book and CD. For more information, please visit:

Lollopho girls dancing, New Year Festival, Muang Sing, Lao, 2006
Akha Ulo women, funeral rites, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2009
Eng women, Festival of the Hunt, Calling Spirits, Keng Tung, Myanmar/Burma, 2005
Karen father and son harvest ritual, Mae Hong Son, Thailand, 2008
Mien priest, ‘an Hung Festival, calling deities, Phayao, Thailand, 2007
Lahu Shi man and grandchild, Harvest Festival in Keng Tung, Myanmar/Burma, 2005
Hmong Tsai Boys, New Year Festival, playing the Gheng, Phongsali, Laos, 2005