Retreat Chapter Sessions

We want to hear from you! Does your chapter have exciting new developments, successful projects, strong programs, or fruitful policies you can share with us? Suggested things to bring for Chapter show and tell:

Board Transition: Ballot? Voting? Information about your process, including how long officers terms are. Criteria for selection of nominees & how to recruit. How much time do you need officers to spend per week/month? Structure of their Board: who votes?

Dues: How are they collected? Do you ever “scholarship” members? Do you have a program for membership maintenance? Web-based?

Events: Do you follow a template each year for events and workshops? Why was the event successful? Photo(s) from the event to share? New ideas for events—either educational or fundraising events? Why was a event successful? Photo(s) from the event to share. New ideas for events—either educational or fundraising events? If not already covered, do you do an outreach project as a chapter? i.e. Play-in feature at a major local event, special outreach event, presentation at a university for music students, other?

Guidelines for use of your website – member only access; use of photos; permissions; etc. Any written policies. Do you have volunteer web management. If not, what is your web budget?

Newsletter sample to share. Frequency? Use? Members only or wider wail list?

Marketing: Brochures? Emails? Phone calls? Do you have a template for a successful event promotion?

Membership – Why do people join? Do you actively recruit additional members? Any recruitment ideas? Parent memberships – are they allowed? Encouraged? What are the advantages to parents vs. teachers? Successes in ensuring SAA membership?

Legal/financial consultation – Do you have someone to advise voluntarily on matters such as insurance? Contracts? Etc? Have you had a need for or success with outside legal advice?

Location: What is the center of activity for you chapter—a major city? Do you have ideas for encouraging teachers living further out from their activities? Do you have subgroups? Instrument-specific or area-specific?

Fund-raising – What is done? What has worked best for you?

Scholarship: Do you have a scholarship program? How are the monies collected used? Sample Scholarship application. What criteria are used? Teachers? Students? Both?