Annual Fund

Annual Fund


It was Dr. Suzuki’s dream that all children might enjoy the many benefits of developing a beautiful heart and fine character through the study of music. It is now up to Suzuki teachers throughout the Americas to keep the dream alive with our donations to the 2013 Fall Gift Campaign. Our membership dues remain as low as possible, but they only serve to sustain operations of the SAA at a minimum level. The types of projects that make the SAA recognizable as a driving force in music education are supported by your donations.

You have many options to put your donation to work where your heart leads:

• Invest in innovation. The Annual Fund supports such things as new programs, learning resources, teacher development, and parent education. Donate to the Annual Fund by scrolling to the form below.

• Invest in gratitude. Make someone’s day bright by honoring them with a heart-warming tribute in the Galaxy of Stars.

• Invest in opportunity. Help to make Suzuki teacher training affordable to more teachers by contributing to a scholarship fund. Go to Scholarships to learn more about the established scholarship funds and the inspiration behind each one. Remember, the more teachers there are to promote excellent Suzuki Education, the more highly the method is regarded. This makes each one of us more valuable. Donating to a scholarship is an investment in your own reputation and worth.

• Invest in inspiration. Support the Latin American students who will travel to Minneapolis for the 2014 SAA Conference at Suzuki Americas 2014. Imagine the impact that this musical experience will have on children who would never be able to participate in such an event except for the exceptional generosity of this membership. The global nature of this event is sure to instill a sense of kinship through music in everyone involved.

Please make your donation today. Your investment in the future of SAA will help to keep Dr. Suzuki’s dream alive and thriving for the next generation of children. Together, today’s Suzuki community can MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Does your employer have a matching funds program? If so, SAA is eligible to receive a matching gift!

Have you considered remembering SAA in your will? All gifts are welcome!

Support the SAA Annual Fund

We appreciate your donation at any level.


Please select desired fund.

Donations are handled by PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to donate.

To donate by check, please make checks out to “Suzuki Association of the Americas”, and put “Annual Fund” on the memo line.
PO Box 17310, Boulder CO 80308

Other SAA Donations:

Suzuki Americas 2014

Galaxy of Stars


Your SAA annual fund contribution supports:

  • Teacher Development
  • Online Teacher Referral Service
  • Training Registry
  • Professional Conferences & Retreats
  • Program Support & Accessibility
  • Scholarships
  • Translations
  • Parent Education
  • Suzuki Legacy

It’s more than just a donation. It’s a chance to help create a world where everyone celebrates a child’s unlimited potential for music, innovation, kindness, leadership, justice and peace. So let’s rally for children, for our community. Make it happen!

Learn more about the Suzuki Method and the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

The link to share:

Here’s what to do:

If you only have one minute:
Please share the link to the video through a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

If you have 3 minutes:
Please share the link and post a sentence in your status about what the SAA means to you.

Facebook examples:

Suzuki training courses (supported by the Suzuki Association of the Americas) not only grounded me in a positive core philosophy but it also gave me a “toolbox” of communication and teaching strategies that I draw upon every day. If you have a moment, please watch this video and show your support!

If you have 5 minutes:
Please email the link to studio friends, music friends or anyone whose life has been positively impacted through their contact with Suzuki.

In your email, please include:

  • A Personal Appeal. Briefly explain why the SAA is important to YOU. This is also an opportunity to share what it is that the SAA does.
  • The Link!

    Email Example:

    Dear Students, Music Friends and Family,

    One of the best decisions I ever made was during my senior year at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I enrolled in a class called “Suzuki Pedagogy”. It was the first of many Suzuki teacher training courses I have since taken and opened my eyes to Dr. Suzuki’s belief that EVERY child has the potential for musical excellence.

    Suzuki training not only grounded me in a positive core philosophy but it also gave me a “toolbox” of communication and teaching strategies that I draw upon with ALL of my students whether they study within the Suzuki Method or not.

    The Suzuki Association of the Americas provides teacher scholarships, program support, course development, quarterly journals and more.

    If you have a moment, please watch this video and consider making a $5 donation to the SAA so that future teachers in North, Central and South America may access the same high quality education:

    Thank you for your help,


Have 10 minutes?
Spread the word by doing ALL of the above (Post! Share! tag! tweet! email!) and enlist 5 friends to do the same.

Thank you for your generous participation and support. The SAA depends on people like you and the belief that we are better together!