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Call for Lightning Session Presentations

While our time during We Are Suzuki is limited, we want to highlight the incredible ways that our Suzuki community has offered music, teaching, and learning to their communities over the last two years. In order to offer SAA members an opportunity to connect around best practices, learnings, and challenges shared over the last few years, we are requesting Lightning Session Proposals from our SAA members!

Lightning Sessions are short, 15-minute sessions that share best practices. While the last few years have been difficult for us, we know many of you found creative solutions for online learning, connecting with your students (and each other!), and that you are supporting your students in becoming fine people, with beautiful hearts (and beautiful sound!). We know you all are contributing to Dr. Suzuki’s vision and belief in the capacity of every child to make music. We know we can always agree that every child can and that every child deserves the opportunity. Lightning Sessions are an opportunity for our members to share their learnings. See full details below!

We know our community is amazing, and that every member has incredibly valuable thoughts and ideas to share. While we WISH we could include everyone’s sessions, we will likely be unable to fit everyone into the weekend, given our short timeline. We anticipate receiving several proposals, and we want to be transparent that we have a limited number of sessions available for We are Suzuki. With that said, this will not be the last opportunity you will have to present with the SAA. If not used for the May Gathering, your Lightning session may be considered for a later date, event, or SAA project. We hope to offer many opportunities for our teachers to connect in the future! The outline below is what we will be using to determine session selection. We hope you find this useful as you build your proposal. We are also aware that the turnaround time for this application is short, and we thank you for being willing to submit a proposal! While your session does not need to be completely finished when you submit your proposal, we encourage you to give us as full a picture as you can of what you hope to share.

We have created guidelines for your reference as you’re submitting your proposal. While many of the criteria for the rubric are subjective, we aim to offer as much transparency and clarity for what we are seeking in the proposals. If you have any questions, please submit them to [javascript protected email address]. Thank you, and we look forward to reading your submission!

The SAA Team

Submit Your Proposal

Preferred Deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022
Final Deadline: Wednesday, May 18th, 2022
Notifications Announced By: May 20, 2022
Note: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. There will be 3-4 evaluators, 2 of whom will be internal to the SAA—Angelica Cortez and Christie Felsing, and 1-2 of whom will be external teachers from outside of the SAA. When those evaluators have been determined, their names will be announced on this page.

Session Guidelines

Our goal for Lightning Sessions is to highlight the creative and successful ways in which SAA members have contributed to making the world a more vibrant and musical place over the last two years. We are searching for sessions that encourage a culture of curiosity, that support Suzuki music education, and that embrace diversity and excellence. We want sessions that will leave members feeling inspired, and excited to head back to their classrooms.

A few suggested questions as you think about a proposal:

  • How have I managed to carry out Suzuki’s vision over the last two (challenging!) years?

  • What creativity was ignited in my teaching during this time?

  • How does my teaching build the character and hearts of my students?

  • How have I included and honored diverse experiences in my work?

  • How have I built community amongst students, teachers, and for myself?

  • What made me feel inspired over the last two years?

What makes for a good Lightning Session & what criteria will be used for evaluating submissions?

Suggested Topics:

  • Creative Teaching Online: What creative ways are you using virtual teaching, and how is it bettering what you can offer to students or fellow students? Are there tools you’re using?

  • Building noble hearts and supporting students’ humanity through music. What tools are you using to build student character alongside good artistry? How are you defining success in your teaching?

  • Building community: What are you, or did you use to help build community during the pandemic? How is this important to your teaching, and how are you using this to support your music teaching?

  • Stories of success: What are you doing that is contributing to furthering Suzuki education? What can others learn from your work?

What you will need for the application:

There are two primary sections of the application. The first is personal information (name, location, etc.). The second is the proposal section. These are the questions you can expect from the proposal:

  • Please list a title for your 15-minute session.

  • Please select an area of focus from your session: Creative Teaching Online, Building Noble Hearts, Building Community, Stories of Success, or OTHER

  • Please write a description for your session. 2-5 sentences on what you hope to share.

  • What do you want people to leave your session with?

  • How will this better the work of Dr. Suzuki, and how will this contribute to members of the SAA?

  • How will you be sure the audience is engaged and/or has tangible takeaways to bring back to their classroom?

  • How will you honor diverse experiences in your presentation? How does your work create a more accessible and inclusive music education field?

  • Will you need any specific support from the SAA? (Sharing screen, breakout rooms, etc.)

  • Please upload any documents, powerpoint, etc., that you would like to share. This is not required, but may offer us a full picture of your session.

Submit Your Proposal

Preferred Deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022
Final Deadline: Wednesday, May 18th, 2022
Notifications Announced By: May 20, 2022
Note: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.