Ellie Albers LeRoux

Ellie Albers LeRoux

Ellie Albers LeRoux received her BMEd from DePaul University in Chicago, with an emphasis on Violin Pedagogy and Early Childhood Education. Ellie’s main graduate studies were under John Kendall, with later studies under William Starr and James Maurer. Ellie continued to teach privately, at workshops nationally, and at times, in programs she began in the Longmont, Colorado Public Schools, while raising her four children. Ellie loves working with kids and watching them expand into their potential. She has traveled throughout the United States and Canada as a guest clinician for young violinists and is a teacher trainer.

In 2008, her CD and violin posture book, Fantastic Fiddle Form, was published.

Ellie and her husband, John, recently moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, where Ellie continues to teach. Other interests include yoga, swimming, running, paddling, dancing, cooking, and playing guitar.

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