Peaks to Plains Suzuki Institute

Peaks to Plains Suzuki InstitutePeaks to Plains Suzuki Institute
Thornton, CO

Peaks to Plains Institute will be offering Suzuki Student and Teacher Training programs in person.


July 2022

For Students

For Teachers Instructor



Student Fees

Registration fee: $65 per student, $90 for family
Late registration—$130 per student, $150/family (after May 6)

Suzuki Institute:
Books 1-5 Tuition—$550
Advanced Violin program with Kimberly Meier-Sims and Stephen Sims- Tuition—$695
2 week Advanced Chamber Music program with Bayberry Quartet (Week 1- online, Week 2—in person)—$885

Teacher Fees

Registration fee: $65 per student
Late registration—$130 per student, $150/family (after May 5)

ECC- $150 (online) July 16 and 17, 2022

July 18-22, 2022 in person:
Cello Unit 2—$550
Cello Unit 5—$550
Violin Unit 5—$550
Violin Unit 2- $550
SECE—Stage 2—$600

5 hour workshop with Kimberly Meier-Sims and Stephen Sims on Sunday, July 17 for violin/viola teachers on left hand and bow arm technique.

Housing & Meals

There will be a food truck on campus during the lunch hour each day.



Other Info

Important dates:

May 6—Early Registration (no late fee)
after May 6—Late Registration (late fee)
April 11—PPSI Scholarship applications due
May 20—Honors Audition application due

The SAA sets guidelines for Suzuki institutes, festivals and teacher workshops and sanctions separate organizations to manage such events. For specific information on schedules, enrollment, pricing, housing, etc. please contact sponsoring organizations directly. Please see the Event Listing Guide regarding the posting of events.