HNU Suzuki Teacher Training Institute

HNU Suzuki Teacher Training Institute
Oakland, CA

This Institute is devoted to Piano Teacher Training. Caroline Fraser’s incredible knowledge, energy, and passion for Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy is shared with a close, dedicated circle of participants.

This year we are breaking boundaries and expanding the traditional Suzuki teaching model by adding something new! Each Book Course will include extra time where teacher trainees will be able to work with children to practice the pedagogical techniques they are learning in class. With Caroline’s expert guidance & support, new (& experienced!) teachers will be given the opportunity to apply knew knowledge immediately as a part of the training! We anticipate wonderful successes from all!

We welcome teachers to enjoy an intense opportunity for concentrated study and practice on the beautiful HNU campus. Refresher courses and Practicum offer participants important and encouraging feedback on their teaching. We include an intensive Music Reading Enrichment Course to broaden the participants’ understanding of the natural approach to music reading. Students also enjoy master classes group classes with Caroline Fraser— an excellent opportunity for teachers, parents and students to observe and learn together.


No upcoming events. Please check back later for future events.



Student Fees


Teacher Fees

Registration: $50 before March 15, $75 after March 15
Every Child Can $160
Unit 1 $695
Revisiting Book 1 $595
Unit 2,3 & 5 $595
Suzuki Saturation $1530
(includes ECC, Book 1 & 2, Teaching Reading & Workshop)
Practicum $595
Teaching Reading courses $260
Nurturing the Suzuki Experience $90

Housing & Meals

Housing available in university dormitories.
Cafeteria hours are TBA.


We love to invite our talented participants to share their performances in a weekly, non-formal lunch gathering! Participants are also welcome to beautiful luncheons and dinners hosted by local teachers.
The Bay Area offers endless possibilities for finding nature & culture.

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