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2014 Conference: May 22-26, Minneapolis

Never been to an SAA Conference?

Read what some first-time attendees thought:

Conferences and Retreats: We Need You!
As a first-time attendee, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and was maybe even a bit nervous. I’m now convinced, however, that planning to attend SAA events the weekend before Memorial Day for professional development is one of the best things I can do, both for myself and for my teaching.

Reflections on My First SAA Conference
I am a goal setting type of person—perhaps it’s a result of being a Suzuki violin student since the age of three. I love making goals, working to meet them, and sometimes, revising them along the way. Looking forward to plan what I can do next has been a weekly part of life for me for as long as I can remember, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

SYOA: Students, Parents and Teacher Share Their Experiences
What’s an SAA conference like for students? Read some comments from students, parents, and teachers who participated in Suzuki Youth Orchestra of the Americas.

Student Events Applications Due Soon!

Submit your video audition for the following student participation opportunities, due October 15:

  • Master classes in all instruments
  • Instrumental Choirs
  • Piano Concerto (due December 15)
  • Suzuki Youth Orchestras of the Americas 1 and 2—now includes flute!
  • International Ensembles Concert (due September 30)
  • New: Suzuki Young Artists String Ensemble for strings ages 12-15
  • Suzuki Americas 2014 featuring the Latin American Suzuki Ensemble and additional special events for all Suzuki students from all parts of the SAA region—North, Central, and South America! Latin American application available now, more details to come for North American students.

See student event details and apply online

Session Proposals

Have a great idea to share with your Suzuki colleagues?

Sessions on instrument technique, pedagogy, history, musicianship, research and technology provide a framework for every SAA conference. Just as in the past, well have both general and instrument-specific sessions to support our Conference theme, Powered by Community.

We’re looking for 50-minute solo, panel and team presentations, mini sessions (10-12 minute live presentations), and nano sessions (5 minute videos). All proposals must be submitted online no later than October 25.

See topic suggestions and submit your session proposal


SAA 101: Online Member Directory

SAA 101 Logo

Find your friends and colleagues! Every Active SAA member has a profile page in the online member directory with their contact information, including email addresses. You can add your picture and professional biography to your page, and opt to show your registered SAA training, too. Check out Board Chair Marilyn Kesler’s page for an example.

Member profiles can also be found through the general website search when you’re logged in (in the top right of every page), making finding your colleagues even easier.

You can change your website privacy settings to customize your online experience and control what information you share with whom. Log in and review your web profile settings.

To protect your privacy, the online member directory is only accessible to other SAA members, not the general public. You can choose to make you profile page available publicly by changing your web profile settings. A public profile will show up in Google searches for your name and SAA website searches by non-members.


How Your Studio Can Support Latin American Students This Fall

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of the Fall semester! As you plan for your fall concerts and special events, don’t forget to think of Suzuki Americas 2014—Featuring the Latin American Suzuki Ensemble and additional special events for all Suzuki students from all parts of the SAA region—North, Central, and South America!

Read on for a video and ideas for How Your Studio Can Support Latin American Students This Fall

Suzuki Americas 2014 Play-In

Suzuki Principles in Action: Upcoming Courses

Suzuki Principles in Action is a two day, cross-instrumental course on the art of Suzuki teaching.

Courses will be held in IN, MN, ON, TN, TX, and WA.

Find an upcoming SPA course

Want to offer SPA in your area?


News from Here and There

Highlights from the SAA website news and SAA Facebook page—follow us!

ASJ 41.4 Sneak Peek

American Suzuki Journal 41.4

American Suzuki Journal 41.4

Image by Andreas Beuschel

Don’t miss these engaging topics in the latest issue of the American Suzuki Journal, coming to members’ mailboxes soon!


  • Wisconsin Suzuki Students Send Off WWII Veterans at Honor Flight Event (By Renee Riddle) 

  • Suzuki Alumna Whitney Kelley on her Process of Life Long Learning (Interview by Libby Felts)

Teaching and Learning

  • What do perfect pitch and language acquisition have in common? (By Jessica Jenkins Davis)

  • Suzuki Parenting Inspires Early Childhood Educator (By Julie Peipert Oudin)

Latin America

  • Do you know encuentro? Encuentro Mexicano 2013 (By Leslie Mizrahi)


Upcoming Events

SAA Calendar
Sep 19 – 22: SAA Board Meeting
Sep 30: 2014 International Ensembles Concert Application Due
Oct 15: Conference Student Applications Due (Master Classes & Choirs)
Oct 25: Conference Session Proposals Due
Nov 1: ASJ 42.2 Submission Deadline
Dec 15: Conference Student Piano Concert Applications Due

Merit School of Music

Chicago, IL Sep 20 – Oct 18
Violin 3

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM Sep 23 – Dec 13
Violin 8

Houston Area Suzuki Piano Association

Houston, TX Sep 25 – Oct 2
Piano 1

Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas

Dallas, TX Sep 27 – Oct 14
Every Child Can!
Violin 1

Suzuki Strings of Austin

Austin, TX Sep 28 – 29
Violin Left Hand Development

Suzuki Association of South Florida

Miami, FL Sep 28 – 29
Excellence from the Start

School for Strings

New York, NY Sep 29
Every Child Can!

Suzuki String School of Guelph

Guelph, ON Sep 29
Every Child Can!

Suzuki Association of the Capital District

Saratoga Springs, NY Sep 29
Every Child Can!

Sherwood Community Music Suzuki Program

Chicago, IL Oct 1 – 2
Every Child Can!

Studio of Fay Adams

Knoxville, TN Oct 4 – 5
Suzuki Principles in Action

Suzuki School of Houston

Houston, TX Oct 4 – 20
Violin 5

Temple University Music Preparatory Division

Philadelphia, PA Oct 4 – Nov 8
Every Child Can!
Piano 4

Montemorelos University

Montemorelos, NL, Mexico Oct 6 – 11
Piano 1
Violin 1

Studio of Nancy Lokken

Minneapolis, MN Oct 6 – 11
Violin Practicum

Western Springs School of Talent Education

Western Springs, IL Oct 7 – Dec 16
Violin 6, Practicum

Pakachoag Community Music School of Greater Worcester

Auburn, MA Oct 9 – Nov 13
Violin 2

Buffalo Suzuki Strings

Buffalo, NY Oct 10 – Nov 18
Every Child Can!
Violin 1

Studio of Beth Cantrell

Greenwood, VA Oct 11 – 25
Cello 7

Preucil School of Music

Iowa City, IA Oct 12
Every Child Can!

Festival Suzuki de Monterrey

Monterrey, NL, Mexico Oct 12 – 19
Cello 2, 3

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY Oct 15 – Dec 9
Violin 1, 5, 6, 7, Practicum

The University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Music

San Antonio, TX Oct 20
Every Child Can!

Centro Suzuki de Campinas

Mogi Mirim, SP, Brazil Oct 21 – 31
Cello 1, 2, 3
Piano 1
Recorder 1, 2, 3
Violin 1, 2, 3

Studio of Carol Cross

Ellensburg, WA Oct 23 – Apr 16
Piano 1

Suzuki Association of Minnesota

MN Oct 25 – 27
Keeping it Fresh and Lighting the Spark

Merit School of Music

Chicago, IL Oct 25 – Nov 22
Violin 4

School for Strings

New York, NY Oct 28 – Jun 9
Violin 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

All Upcoming Events

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