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March 2019
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Our 2019 Parents as Partners Online program has been a success and there is still plenty of time to register and still participate!

After 10 weeks of new videos, we are releasing two bonus weeks of videos. Some of the past weekly themes have been Parent Encouragement, Brain Development, Communication Strategies, and Practice Games.

Find out answers to questions like:

  • How do you avoid the “Robots?”
  • What phrases are most useful for group class management?
  • Can brain science give us more effective practice strategies?

Look for Bonus Week titles such as, “Working with the Squirrelly Ones,” “Improving Intonation through Sympathetic Vibrations,” and “Life After Lessons.”

All talks will be available online through October 15.

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Support the education of your parents and teachers when you promote this valuable program!

Suzuki Association of Indiana

Leadership in Indiana

One sign of a solid and sustainable organization is a smooth transfer of leadership.

SAI “experienced its first change in leadership since its inception 6 years ago. Liz Efroymson passed on the Presidency to Emilie Grondin in a seamless transition. Liz retired from the Board of Directors per the bylaws for at least a year. Elisabeth Ohly-Davis was elected President-Elect and will shadow the president for two years.”

Well done, Indiana, for creating a structured organization to hand over, and attracting the leadership to take over!

More SAA Connection in Texas

Southeast Texas Suzuki Association

This year, the Southeast Texas Suzuki Association decided that instead of running a “Find a Teacher” service from their Chapter website, they linked directly with the SAA “Find a Teacher” service instead! This simplified the work load for their leadership, serves their area with quality teacher information, and connects their area and Chapter more strongly with the SAA.

They just ask of their members to, “Please update your SAA profile and bio. We encourage you to make it ‘public’ so we can find you!”

Good thinking, STXSA!

Solution Finders
North Carolina Suzuki Association

Organizing and Recruiting in North Carolina

When NCSA sent in their Annual report this year, they used the 5 Chapter Goals as a structure to report on their activities and think through goals for the next year: Connect, Educate, Support, Celebrate, Respect. This ensured their report was thorough and communicated every aspect of their activities and goals.

Their other step was to create a new board position of a scholarship committee chair, in order to focus on person’s attention completely on this important job.

Well done, North Carolina!

Building community in Massachusetts

Suzuki Association of Massachusetts

The Suzuki Association of Massachusetts has had success strengthening their community by welcoming sub-communities within their Chapter.

“Our cello community has evolved in recent years thanks to Cellos on the Charles, a group of Suzuki Cello teachers doing organizing and special events in the cello community. Cello enrollment at our big annual festival has improved dramatically, largely as a result of this organizing. Cellos on the Charles gave a terrific presentation on their work at the conference in May.”

Cello power!

Leadership Links

Adversity and Change

This time of year can flip from chilled sleet to warm sun within days or sometimes hours. Scarf or shorts? Hat or sandals? This constant change and the adaptation it requires can feel familiar to a non-profit board. Did we get the space for our next event, or did they quintuple the rent?! Can we count on a treasurer or did they just leave to have twins?!?

How do we keep moving forward with our leadership when the only constant is change?

If this constant change feels like a headwind, take a lesson from Nutella. Did you know this delicious spread was invented under duress because of the lack of Cocoa powder? Perhaps the story of Nutella at your next board meeting will be a great (and delicious) object lesson in how to be creative in the face of adversity!

This article has a few answers about moving forward through headwinds, the top one being, “Stay Purpose Driven.” When you keep in sight the destination you are heading towards, it is easier to steer the boat. It’s also easier to attract other support along the way. People want to know their time and talents are being used to build something aligned with their values, and if your board clearly has a vision of what your are building and why, others will be attracted to join your project.

Whatever weather changes and headwinds you are facing, or if the moment is a clear sunny day…thank you for your Chapter leadership in our Suzuki community!

❦ Connect: Build community among all students, parents, and teachers.

❦ Educate: Provide resources and/or support to teachers and parents, incoming and current, concerning Suzuki teaching and philosophy.

❦ Support: Financially benefit teachers and students for further enrichment (i.e. scholarship programs for conferences, institutes, workshops).

❦ Celebrate: Arrange Concerts, Graduation, Celebration, Cross Instrument Recitals, Honors Recitals, etc. to rejoice in music together.

❦ Respect: Support the Suzuki name/brand/legacy by requiring SAA membership for teachers as well as broadening membership and providing grassroots feedback to the SAA.

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