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New Isa Publication
Suzuki Chronology Cover

The ISA is proud to announce this important new publication chronicling the life of Dr. Suzuki decade by decade through text and pictures, from his early upbringing, his time in Germany, the return to Japan, and the flowering of the Talent Education movement worldwide.

The ISA is indebted to Mikio Shin of TERI, the original author of the Chronology, for his permission to expand and translate this significant new document. And to Lily Selden and Ruth Miura for their work on the English translation.


Now is a great time to investigate upcoming institute courses!  As your look over the possibilities, please consider “Teaching Strategies!” It’s available to any teacher at any level of experience who has completed ECC or Filosofía plus Unit One training.

Teaching Strategies is often described as a practice teaching masterclass or a mini-practicum.  Within a supportive environment, participants share short videos of their home teaching and receive helpful suggestions from the teacher trainer as well as learning from their peers.

Strategies is currently being offered in two formats—integrated into various unit courses (often Unit 2) or as a stand-alone 10-hour course.  Check with the institute or course sponsor for details. Possible arrangements may be available if you wish to participate but are unable to provide a video segment.

It’s not too late to investigate upcoming institute courses!  As your look over the possibilities, please consider “Teaching Strategies!” It’s available to any teacher at any level of experience who has completed ECC or Filosofía plus Unit One training. Wondering which institutes are offering Strategies courses?


Many thanks to our Honorary Gardeners and other members and friends who responded to our 2021 Cherry Tree Campaign during April and May. As promised your donations will be divided between the SAA Annual Fund and our Outreach Scholarship funds. Your financial support is essential to the growth and development of Suzuki education throughout the Americas and always greatly appreciated!


Are you a seasoned Suzuki teacher who has always wanted to write for the American Suzuki Journal but never worked up the courage to submit? Are you a newer teacher who has never considered writing an article before? Are you a parent or student who wants to write something, but doesn’t have any ideas?

If any or all of these sound like you, consider this your formal invitation to write for the ASJ! The November issue will be dedicated to first-time authors who have never submitted to the ASJ before. We know our Suzuki community has a wealth of knowledge and perspectives that we only scratch the surface of in the ASJ. We hope to increase representation in our pages by inviting first-time authors to write who are diverse in terms of instrumentation, geography, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, age, and more.

In conjunction with this effort, ASJ Editor Allie Reed will host a “How to Write for the ASJ” session via Zoom to go over submission, selection, editing, and common questions. Please email to express interest in the session so she can coordinate timing.

The deadline for submissions for the November issue is August 1. We look forward to reading your work!

The ASJ is also recruiting for an advisory committee full of people who love to read the ASJ. The journal is the signature voice of Suzuki education in the Americas and has wide readership across the globe. We are always looking to improve the quality of what’s inside our pages, as well as improve representation from the widespread SAA community. Committee members would meet remotely twice a year to audit the journal and pitch improvements to both content and form. They would also help with occasional writing, reviewing, and proofreading. Submit a brief note of interest to, and let us know why you would be a good committee member. We are looking for voices that represent the diversity of our membership.

Chapter Logo

Chapter Leaders from 12 SAA affiliated groups gathered on May 5th by Zoom for the second quarterly Chapter Roundtable discussion. As well as building community, the group shared strategies and plans for creating online, in-person, and hybrid events during this different time of COVID. 

After the call, leaders were invited to share one or two ideas from the call that were valuable to them. This is what they said:

“I found many things valuable from it, but I think the biggest takeaway I had was the connection. Being part of the Chapter Roundtable gave me an opportunity to meet other leaders and start making a connection with those who are geographically far away. I think it is beautiful because it unites us and gives the potential to increase our own ‘musical family’ or musical resources. Thank you all again!” 

-Raymond Mallari, Vice President, Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association

“I love the idea of hosting monthly coffee chats to provide teachers a fun way to connect and brainstorm ideas together”

-Elizabeth Gergel, Vice President, Suzuki Association of Colorado 

Want to learn more about how you can join your state chapter in your area or create a new chapter? Check out the Chapters Page on the SAA website! 

Questions? We are here to help! Email or call Kat, 303-44-0948, x100


News from the Latin American Country Associations Committee

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The Suzuki Latin American Associations Committee reports that at the meeting on May 21st had the presence of Bibiana Carvajal, former president of the Suzuki Association of Colombia, who shared her experience during the time she was in charge of the association. The meeting aimed to enrich the mentoring process of new associations and countries that intend to promote a Suzuki association in their territory. In this same meeting, actions carried out in several Latin American countries were shared.

From the Mexican Suzuki Method Association (AMMS)

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Recital de Solistas AMMS 2021

It is with great joy that we share the realization of the Soloists Recital, organized by the pedagogical commission of the Mexican Suzuki Method Association. The event aimed to motivate students and publicize the work developed by teachers and by several recognized academies in the country. In this first event, 220 students from different instruments participated: flute, guitar, piano, trumpet, viola, violin and cello. A group of teachers was in charge of selecting the participants through an evaluation process. The concerts were broadcast on the AMMS Facebook page between May 24th and 28th, and are available at the following address:

We extend the warmest invitation to attend them!

In addition, the association is organizing the First Summer Camp, which will take place from July 19th to 25th, 2021. The purpose of this activity is to include students from Mexico in a Suzuki summer camp allowing them to share music, learn, have fun and meet a Suzuki community, from home. In this way, we will contribute to promoting the artistic, socio-emotional and intellectual development of students in these times of virtual work, in addition to generating a connection network with students from all over Mexico.

2021 Campamento Verano AMMS

22nd Suzuki International Festival in Colombia

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We are pleased to inform you that the National University of Colombia is organizing the 22nd Suzuki International Festival, in virtual mode, from June 26th to July 11st, 2021. There will be several training courses for different instrument books (piano, cello, violin, guitar, flute), as well as Philosophy course, early childhood music and choral conducting tools. In addition, there will be master classes and musical concerts. Registration is available on the website:

Festival Internacional Suzuki De Colombia

Dalcroze Workshop in Guatemala

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The National Suzuki Association of Guatemala, with the purpose of strengthening the musical education of the country through its teachers, offered on May 29th and 30th the workshop “Introduction to the Dalcroze Rhythm”. The event took place via Zoom and was taught by Mexican teacher Georgina Gómez. Directors, musicians, dancers, therapists, parents and those interested in the movement’s pedagogy in the Latin American region were invited to participate.

Introduccion A La Ritmica Dalcroze

IX Suzuki International Festival of Ecuador

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IX Festival Internacional Suzuki Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Suzuki Network is pleased to inform you that it is organizing the IX International Suzuki Festival, 100% virtual. On this occasion, the following courses will be offered: Philosophy, Teaching Strategies for all instruments, Guitar 2, Violin 1, Introduction to the Kodály Method and Kodály Strategies. The event will be coordinated by Suzuki teachers and teacher trainers, and will be attended by teachers from Ecuador and other countries in Latin America. The Festival will bring virtual concerts, performed by Suzuki students of all instruments. It will also count on the collaboration of “Rede Jovem PROMESA” in the organization. Registration will be open through the following link:

Suzuki Piano Challenge in Brazil

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The online “Brazilian Piano Challenge Suzuki: 21 Days of Practice” took place from March 8th to 28th, 2021. 179 students from 30 teachers from different states of Brazil participated, in addition to students and teachers from Argentina and Peru.

The event was designed by teacher Helenice Villar, and organized by her and the following teachers: Arthur Melo, Beatriz Santana, Eunice Montanari, Gabriela Campos, Maria Rita Campos, Luciana Hisatomi and Mariana Moretzsohn. The inspiration came from the “Practicatón” event, organized by the Mexican Suzuki Method Association in 2020.

The challenge consisted of daily activities with the aim of motivating a piano practice routine. Here are some examples: practicing without anyone asking and with good posture; review; practice the music of the recital; listen to the audios of the pieces that the student is learning and that he/she will still learn; play a piece of the repertoire in a fun way. Parents also had their specific tasks, such as watching videos and reading texts selected by the organization, with tips on the Suzuki Method, such as review and practice at home.

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We renew the most cordial invitation to all Latin American countries that work with the Suzuki Method to send information about all the actions they have been carrying out (organization of their associations, events and activities that are being programmed, etc.) in order to share them in the following posts. This information can be sent to the email:


Attention, Certificate of Achievement applicants!

The answer to a frequently asked question this month:

Yes! For your 2021 Certificate of Achievement application, submitting a video of a virtual lesson is acceptable. Be sure to follow all overall application instructions.

You can see details and application here.


Darth Vader Comes to Group Class!

Darth Vader Comes to Group Class!

Submitted by: Lisa M. Deakins
On May the 4th, Darth Vader made a special appearance at our weekly group class! As Ms. Lisa played the Imperial March, he walked into the room and played Star Wars-themed variations with everyone before heading back to his spaceship. These students are part of Deakins Suzuki Strings in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Pandemic Suzuki Cello

Pandemic Suzuki Cello

Submitted by: Alice Ann M. O’Neill
Marcella Minnillo lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and studies with Alice Ann O’Neill. The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone but our family found joy learning Suzuki Cello Book 2 online.

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture today!

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