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December 2011
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150 new members joined the SAA in November. Welcome!

Parents as Partners Online 2012

Parents as Partners Online will return January 30!

The 2012 project will feature more than 30 new inspirational talks, plus selected presentations from the 2011 PPO event. Aimed to provide a dose of parent education on Suzuki-related topics, all sessions can be viewed online at your convenience, 24-7.

We’ll post a few new talks once a week in February and March and let you know by email. Once posted, everything can be viewed until the end on June 30.

For Parents

Are you a parent in need of rejuvenation? Want to hear from others on how to make practice more effective? Need some input on how to make review fun? Or wondering how to balance a busy schedule? If so, then Parents as Partners Online is for you!

For Teachers

As a teacher, this event can serve many purposes. Perhaps you are in need of some Suzuki inspiration. Or wondering how best to help your parents balance their busy schedules. Or in need of advice on how to help parents practice, incorporate review or understand the value of group classes. These topics, plus many, many more will be addressed in the 2012 Parents as Partners Online event. We encourage teachers to watch and learn, and even more importantly, to discuss these relevant topics with studio parents.

Here’s a glimpse into the new and informative topics for both parents and teachers:

  • Sue Baer: A Star for Victor
  • Lauren Baker: Sharing the Vision of Excellence
  • Beatrice Blanc: Practice Buddies
  • Beth Cantrell: Nurturing the Individual: Rivers, Trails and Time
  • Teri Einfeldt & Anne Lambright: Our Ambitions, Our Children—A Reality Check!
  • Sasha Garver: Preparing for Recitals and Performances
  • Carrie Reuning-Hummel: Help! I’m So Different From (and Similar To) My Child
  • James Hutchins: Guarantees for More Progress During Practice—The Sequel
  • Ellie LeRoux: A Realistic Look at Balancing Activities
  • Joanne Martin: Why Delayed Reading is Important
  • Lynn McCall: The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience
  • Sarah Montzka: Dynamic Practice: Creative Movement Games for Channeling Energy, Regaining Focus and Productive Practice
  • Fernando Pinero: Power of Music
  • Laurie Scott: Children on the Autism Spectrum: Collaborating Towards Success
  • Lucy Shaw: Are We Having Fun Yet? Part 2
  • Kimberly Meier-Sims: Suzuki Perspectives
  • Ann Montzka Smelser: Trusting Your Teacher
  • Kathleen Spring: How You Can Be Helpful and Supportive of Your Teacher
  • Ed Sprunger: Power
  • Rafael Vidiera: The Rewards from the Special Ones

Plus presentations from Reagan Brasch, Jenny Burton, Diana Galindo, Danny Gee, Calida Jones, Karen Kimmett, Jessica Meyer, Irene Mitchell, Donna Ngai, Sandra Payton, Koen Renz, Susan Reed and Robert Richardson.

And don’t forget, selected talks from the 2011 PPO!



Teacher (you!) plus your studio parents. You will need the name and email of each parent to enroll them. Parents do not need to be SAA members.

$45 for teacher plus 1 to 5 parents
$8 for each additional parent


$25 for SAA members
$45 for non-members


A Star for Don

Kaleidoscope Concert

The SAA Board of Directors and the 2012 Conference Team are very excited to announce the extraordinary news that Robertson and Sons Violins has offered to be sole sponsor for the entire Kaleidoscope Project!

SAA is proud to partner with Robertson’s because they share a commitment to excellence in their products and service and because of their deep and abiding dedication to music education. Their generosity in support of SAA is indeed greatly appreciated.

A Star for Don

I’m a sucker for a good old American dream story. That’s the kind where somebody starts with nothing, and through determination and hard work, creates something fabulous. It makes me happy to be part of a society that values that sort of thing. The story I’m going to tell is particularly intriguing because it’s about two entities, once unknown to each other, and how they became entwined based on their common values—and dreams.

Read more of A Star for Don

Conference Clinicians and Highlights

May 24-28, 2012
Hilton Minneapolis and Minneapolis Convention Center

SAA 40th Anniversary Celebration, Bach, and Suzuki Outreach

More than 100 sessions for teachers, including instrument pedagogy and technique, philosophy, special needs, parent education, child development, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, organizational development, Suzuki in the Schools and much, much more!

Registration opens January 15—the next newsletter will have all the pricing details.


In addition to many daily sessions, don’t miss these events!

Thursday evening:
Check-in and special pre-conference activities

Keynote from Dr. Laurel Trainor
Bach keynote and other Bach sessions
Opening reception and exhibits
Kaleidoscope Concert

SAA Annual General Meeting
Clinicians’ Concert
International Ensembles Concert

Keynote from William Starr
Creating Learning Community Awards
Flute Ensemble and SYOA Concert
Piano Concerto Concert
SAA Birthday Bash
Time for Three Concert

Monday morning:
Closing Ceremonies
Closing Address from Chair-Elect Marilyn Kesler

Special Guests and Clinicians

Time for Three

Time for Three

Image by Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer

Time for Three

Kaleidoscope Concert Master of Ceremonies:
Bill McGlaughlin

Keynote Address:
William Starr, “SAA is 40! Visiting the Past-Vitalizing the Future”

Keynote Address, Eleventh International Research Symposium on Talent Education:
Laurel Trainor, “Neural Plasticity and the Effects of Musical Experience on the Brain”

Bass: Nicholas Walker
Cello: Julie Albers
Chamber Music: Brian Lewis
Flute: Jeanne Baxtresser
Guitar: Connie Sheu
Harp: Karen Gottlieb
Piano: Ann Schein
Recorder: Renata Pereira
Viola: Kirsten Docter
Violin: Katie Lansdale and Brian Lewis
SYOA 1 Conductor: Emmett Drake
SYOA 2 Conductor: Kirsten Marshall

Read all about our clinicians and special guests


Annual Fund Drive 2011: Our Suzuki Footprints

“Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.”
—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

These words are so poignant. Longfellow reminds us that, if our lives are to have meaning, we are obligated to accomplish something worthwhile while we inhabit this earth. He invites us to ponder: How will our actions benefit mankind? What will be the essence, short of carbon, of the footprints we leave for the next generation?

Read the rest of Sue Baer’s letter

The SAA Annual Fund Drive is an important project sponsored by your Board of Directors. The funds derived from the AFD allow for projects such as program development and teacher scholarships. While your membership dues support basic maintenance of the organization, the Annual Fund allows for growth of the organization promotes excellence in the fields of music and education. Please take this opportunity to step up and add your footprint to those of your Board, colleagues and friends. Your generosity will leave a lasting impression on the future of the SAA.

Categories for giving:


Upcoming Events

See all upcoming events

SAA Calendar
Dec 31: Last Date for 2011 Charitable Gifts
Jan 1: Minijournal Cover Contest Deadline
Jan 1: Newsletter Submission Deadline
Jan 13 – 15: SAA Board Meeting, location TBA
Jan 15: Conference 2012 Online Registration Begins
Jan 30: Parents as Partners Online Begins
Feb 1: Newsletter Submission Deadline
Feb 5: Scholarship Application Deadline
Feb 25: Conference Exhibit Booth Registration Deadline

International Suzuki Voice Workshop

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
10th International Suzuki Voice Workshop: “Songs for Sharing”, Jan 2 – 7

Eastern Mennonite University

Harrisonburg, VA
Violin Book 1, Sharon Miller, Jan 3 – Apr 15

Festival Suzuki de Peru

Lima, Peru
Filosofía, Caroline Fraser, Jan 5 – 9
Educación del Talento, Roberta Centurion, Jan 5 – 9
Dinámicas para Enseñar Música en Primaria, Roberta Centurion, Jan 6 – 9
Taller de Kodaly 2, Lydia Mills, Jan 23 – 25
Taller de Lectura 1, Caroline Fraser, Jan 24 – 26
Estrategias de Kodaly, Lydia Mills, Jan 26 – 27
Cello Book 1, David Evenchick, Jan 17 – 22
Cello Book 2, David Evenchick, Jan 5 – 11
Flute Book 1, Kelly Williamson, Jan 17 – 22
Flute Book 2, Kelly Williamson, Jan 6 – 11
Flute Practicum, Kelly Williamson, Jan 5 – 9
Guitar Book 1, MaryLou Roberts, Jan 17 – 22
Guitar Book 2, MaryLou Roberts, Jan 23 – 29
Guitar Book 5, MaryLou Roberts, Jan 23 – 29
Piano Book 1, Caroline Fraser, Jan 17 – 22
Piano Book 2, Caroline Fraser, Jan 6 – 11
Piano Book 5, Mary Craig Powell, Jan 17 – 22
Taller de Improvisación: Piano, Mary McCarthy, Jan 12 – 16
Taller de dúos: Piano, Mary McCarthy, Jan 12 – 16
Excelencia desde el comienzo: Piano, Caroline Fraser, Jan 17 – 23
Recorder Book 1, Mary Halverson Waldo, Jan 17 – 22
Recorder Book 2, Mary Halverson Waldo, Jan 5 – 11
Recorder Book 5, Mary Halverson Waldo, Jan 5 – 11
Estrategias Estimulación Musical Temprana: Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Jan 10 – 11
Estimulación Musical Temprana 1: Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Jan 17 – 19
Estimulación Musical Temprana 2: Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Jan 20 – 22
Violin Book 1, Nancy Lokken, Jan 17 – 22
Violin Book 2, Nancy Lokken, Jan 5 – 11
Violin Book 3, Fernando Pinero, Jan 5 – 11
Violin Book 4, Helen Brunner, Jan 5 – 11

Fairbanks School of Talent Education

Fairbanks, AK
Suzuki Principles in Action, Katherine Wood, Jan 7 – 8

Denver Talent Education

Denver, CO
Strategies for Effective Group Class Teaching: Cello, Viola, Violin, Joanne Melvin, Jan 7 – 8

Brookline Music School

Brookline, MA
Every Child Can!, Kimberly Lorimier, Jan 8
Flute Book 2, Kimberly Lorimier, Jan 12 – 16
Flute Book 4, Laurel Ann Maurer, Jan 12 – 16

University of Texas String Project

Austin, TX
Suzuki Early Childhood Education Prenatal and Early Years, Stage 3, Sharon Jones, Jan 12 – 16

Talent Education at Old Crozet School Arts

Crozet, VA
Cello Book 4, Beth Cantrell, Jan 12 – 22

Temple University Music Preparatory Division

Philadelphia, PA
Every Child Can!, Joan Krzywicki, May 12
Piano Book 1, Joan Krzywicki, Jan 12 – Mar 1
Piano Book 2, Joan Krzywicki, Apr 12 – May 10

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Brooklyn, NY
Guitar Book 3, William Kossler, Jan 13 – 22

Arizona Suzuki Association

Phoenix, AZ
Suzuki Principles in Action, Beth Titterington, Jan 14 – 15

Pasadena Conservatory of Music

Pasadena, CA
Suzuki Principles in Action, Richard Mooney, Jan 15 – 16

Michigan Music Conference

Grand Rapids, MI
Every Child Can!, Wendy Azrak, Jan 19

Western Springs School of Talent Education

Western Springs, IL
Violin Book 3, Edward Kreitman, Feb 7 – Apr 30
Violin Book 7, Nancy Jackson, Jan 19 – Mar 22

Suzuki Association of Wisconsin

Madison, WI
Every Child Can!, Pat D’Ercole, Jan 20

Sarasota Suzuki Workshop

Sarasota, FL
Every Child Can!, Martha Shackford, Jan 21

Suzuki Association of Georgia

Atlanta, GA
Child Development for the Suzuki Teacher, Edmund Sprunger, Jan 21 – 22

DePaul Community Music Division

Chicago, IL
Cello Book 2, Tanya Carey, Jan 22 – Feb 19
Cello Book 3, Tanya Carey, Mar 18 – May 6

Royal Conservatory of Music

Toronto, ON
Cello Book 1, Susan Gagnon, Jan 22 – May 13
Cello Book 5, Susan Gagnon, Feb 12 – Apr 15

Suzuki School of Newton

Newtonville, MA
Every Child Can!, Sachiko Isihara, Jan 29

Studio of Denise Willey

Pleasant Grove, UT
Viola Book 2, Denise Willey, Feb 1 – Mar 31

Suzuki Association of Utah

Sandy, UT
SAU Piano Winter Workshop, Feb 3 – 7

Suzuki Music School of Westport

Westport, CT
Suzuki Principles in Action, Beth Cantrell, Feb 4 – 5

Suzuki Fest Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica
Filosofía, Caroline Fraser, Feb 5 – 11
Cello Book 3, Barbara Balatero, Feb 5 – 11
Suzuki Fest 2012: Cello, Viola, Violin, Feb 5 – 11
Violin Book 3, Ann Montzka-Smelser, Feb 5 – 11

Studio of Beth Cantrell

Greenwood, VA
Cello Book 7, Beth Cantrell, Feb 6 – Mar 5
Cello Book 8, Beth Cantrell, Mar 5 – Apr 9

Pakachoag Community Music School of Greater Worcester

Auburn, MA
Violin Book 1, Amy Matherly, Feb 11 – Apr 7

Greater Austin Suzuki Association

Austin, TX
Viola Book 9, William Preucil, Feb 16 – 20
Developing Artistry in Violin Books 1-6, Doris Preucil, Feb 16 – 20

Middle Tennessee Suzuki Association

Nashville, TN
The 26th Annual Advanced Violin Technique, Creating Talented Learners: Overview of Books 1-4, Ronda Cole, Feb 19 – 23

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