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March 2012
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129 new members joined the SAA in February. Welcome!

Conference: Register by March 31

Are you feeling the year end teaching blahs? Do you find yourself saying the same things over and over without getting results? Are you hungry for some teaching inspiration?

It’s time for a teaching treat! Renew yourself at the 15th biennial SAA Conference, May 24-28th in Minneapolis!

Register by March 31

Early bird registration for the conference ends March 31.

Register online or mail in your registration by that date to receive the best prices.

Registering early not only saves you some money, but it helps us plan for catering and session room setup.

IRSTE Papers

The deadline to submit papers for the International Research Symposium on Talent Education has been extended until March 31. Read IRSTE paper submission guidelines.


A Star for Dallas and Grant

A Star for Dallas and Grant

A Star for Dallas and Grant

Image by Susan Baer

by Susan Baer

Here come the young Durham boys bounding up the front steps for their weekly lessons. With violin cases blithely slung on their backs, their hands clutch the toy airplanes and tanks that they’ve brought to show me. They bubble over with enthusiasm as they describe how these machines work, which branch of the service employed them, and in which battle they were used. My apparent fascination with what they have to share belies the fact that my true interests run along paths that are quite unrelated to the military. Nonetheless, I’m smitten by their passion and am sincerely caught up in the excitement that exudes from deep within these delightful little imps.

What happened next? Well, Dallas and Grant grew up, as all children do. They both continued their music studies through high school, working hard, and gaining numerous recognitions for their achievements. Similarly, their fascination with all things military never waned. My ardor for them as children developed into a deep respect for the fine young men they were becoming.

Dallas got his pilot’s license when he was just seventeen, before he even had a driver’s license. I made a promise to him that I would go up with him when he had logged one hundred hours of solo flight time. When that time came only a few surprisingly short months later, I remained true to my word. The experience was breathtaking, filled as I was with awe and pride at his accomplishment. When Dallas asked if he could stop the engine mid-flight so that he could log the simulated engine failure, I recognized the question in his eyes: “Do you believe in me?” My heart and my breath stopped in tandem with the engine of that small plane, but yes, Dallas, I’ve always believed in you. Without hesitation.

Grant provided challenges for me as well. Upon nearing high school graduation, Grant asked if I would write a recommendation for him as part of his application to West Point. Little did he know that his request would be a defining moment for me, for how does one justify that the study of music is superior preparation for military service? But the process of struggling with this riddle made me thoroughly and forever committed to the fundamental value of music study. Do I believe that the study of music makes you a better soldier, Grant? Without hesitation.

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Call for Submissions: 40th Anniversary ASJ

American Suzuki Journal 39.4

American Suzuki Journal 39.4

Image by Andrea Yun

In celebration of its fortieth anniversary, the SAA would like to collect untold stories about the Suzuki experience and the growth and impact of the Suzuki method in the Americas that fill gaps in our story and contribute to a richer and fuller understanding of our history.

We invite members to submit for publication a story that enlightens, inspires, or informs readers and at the same time, helps in some way to document Suzuki history in your part of the Suzuki community.

Is there a narrative, story, anecdote or memory you didn’t take the time to share and wish you had? Something recent or any time in the past? Featuring individuals or groups of people? About you, a teacher, a parent, your parent, one of your students, a colleague or a mentor? Funny, sad, or embarrassing? An event you were proud to be a part of?

Please contact us with a brief abstract and a few words about yourself if you would like to share your story! Email or write to us at the SAA office. First-time authors are encouraged to submit!

Read some example articles for inspiration


Vote on the Board Ballot by April 10

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Vote on this year’s Board Ballot to elect new members of the SAA Board of Directors—if you haven’t already voted! (Only Active members are eligible to vote.)

Voting closes on April 10. Paper ballots must be postmarked by that date.

2012 Board of Directors Candidates

Dr. Susan Baer, TX/WA
Margot Jewell, ON
Joan Krzywicki, PA

Parents as Partners Online

Calling all parents and teachers!

Join 6,800 other Suzuki parents and teachers for Parents as Partners Online (PPO). Registration closes March 31. Video sessions are currently underway and will remain available through the end of June.

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SAA Calendar
Mar 31: 2012 Conference Early Bird Registration Ends
Apr 1: Newsletter Submission Deadline
Apr 13 – 15: SAA Board Meeting, Boulder, CO

Centro Escolar Cedros

Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico
Cello Book 2, Carey Cheney, Mar 18 – 24
Flute Book 1, Kelly Williamson, Mar 18 – 24
Guitar Book 2, MaryLou Roberts, Mar 18 – 24
Piano Book 2, Caroline Fraser, Mar 18 – 24
Piano Teaching Strategies, Caroline Fraser, Mar 18 – 21
Recorder Book 1, Mary Halverson Waldo, Mar 18 – 24
Violin Book 2, Ann Montzka-Smelser, Mar 18 – 24
Violin Book 3, Fernando Pinero, Mar 18 – 24

DePaul Community Music Division

Chicago, IL
Cello Book 3, Tanya Carey, Mar 18 – May 6

Preucil School of Music

Iowa City, IA
Every Child Can!, Christie Felsing, Mar 24

Studio of Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

Bellingham, WA
Viola Book 7, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker, Mar 24 – 28

Bethwood Suzuki Music School

Seymour, CT
Every Child Can!, Mar 25

Centro Suzuki Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, C, Argentina
Filosofía, Eduardo Luduena, Mar 30 – Apr 2


Studio of Rita Hauck

Ft. Worth, TX
Piano Book 6, Rita Hauck, Mar 30 – Apr 3
Piano Book 7, Rita Hauck, Apr 3 – 7

Studio of Ronda Cole

McLean, VA
Violin Book 2, Ronda Cole, Apr 9 – 13

Suzuki School of Newton

Newtonville, MA
Cello Book 3, Nancy Hair, Apr 9 – Jun 11

Studio of Deborah Kemper

Salem, VA
Flute Book 3, Deborah Kemper, Apr 11 – 15

Temple University Music Preparatory Division

Philadelphia, PA
Piano Book 2, Joan Krzywicki, Apr 12 – May 10

Greenville Suzuki Strings Association

Greenville, TX
Greenville Suzuki Workshop: Cello, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Viola, Violin, Apr 13 – 14

Suzuki Music School of Westport

Westport, CT
Suzuki Principles in Action, Teri Einfeldt, Apr 13 – 14

Walla Walla Suzuki Institute Wkshp Spokane

Spokane, WA
Every Child Can!, Karlyn Brett, Apr 14

Walla Walla Suzuki Institute Wkshp Ellensburg

Ellensburg, WA
Every Child Can!, Apr 14

Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music

Royal Oak, MI
Violin Book 3, Mark Mutter, Apr 14 – 28

RI Philharmonic Music School

East Providence, RI
Every Child Can!, Mychal Gendron, Apr 15

Piano Training with Rita Hauck

Cincinnati, OH
Every Child Can!, Rita Hauck, Apr 20
Piano Book 1, Rita Hauck, Apr 20 – 27

Studio of Catherine Walker

Quebec City, QC
Every Child Can!, Catherine Walker, Apr 20

Suzuki Association of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT
Every Child Can!, Cleo Ann Brimhall, Apr 28
15th Annual Utah Suzuki Convention, Apr 21

University of Massachusetts Music Dept.

Amherst, MA
Every Child Can!, Jeffrey Cox, Apr 28

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