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Our 2016 Celebration: We Are Suzuki!

Mark your calendars to attend the 17th Biennial SAA Conference May 26-30. From student events to session presentations to concerts, you won’t want to miss the numerous opportunities planned for the 2016 We Are Suzuki: Embracing the Vision celebration!

As an SAA member recently shared, “The benefits of attending include meeting other teachers and professionals, enhancing individual playing and teaching techniques, and catching a vision through workshops and performances of what truly is possible for you, your studio, and your community to attain.” We invite you to join the magic in Minneapolis!

More Student Opportunities are Available!

Additional offerings for students have been added to the conference line-up! Check the website to learn about an exciting new advanced violin ensemble, the three-piano ensembles event, an adjustment to the SYOA 1 guidelines, as well as any other updates for your instrument area. Take a peak at our array of confirmed clinicians!

One special area of the conference is chamber music. Whether three or seven players, the magical power of teamwork will be evident in the various combinations of the chamber music master classes. Check out these examples of non-preformed and preformed ensembles featured at the 2015 Leadership Retreat.

August Newsletter Splash 1

Non-Preformed Ensemble

August Newsletter Splash 2

Preformed Ensemble

Why not consider preparing a performance video for chamber music or any of the other numerous student events? You and your students will be inspired by the conference experience!

Conference Session Proposals: We Need Your Voice

The conference weekend always includes a vast sharing of pedagogical and philosophical ideas. Consider submitting a proposal, sharing your voice, and contributing to the greater Suzuki community! Proposals will be accepted online starting in September.


It’s Back to School Time!

Parents as Partners 2016  

Parents As Partners Online

Parents as Partners will return in 2016! Consider incorporating this dose of parent education into your studio plans. Prices remain the same as last year, with the online video series including short brand new talks, as well as favorites from the past. Registration information will appear in upcoming Short Score newsletters, with early bird pricing listed below.


Teacher (you!) plus your studio parents.
Note: Parents do not need to be SAA members, but are always welcome to join.
$50 for teacher plus 1 to 5 parents
$10 for each additional parent
*A school or program may register via the “Studio” option, adding parents in the same manner.


$25 for SAA members
$45 for non-members

Studio Memberships:
Studio Memberships are a great way for families to support the SAA and receive the quarterly American Suzuki Journal. Teacher members of the SAA may collect 10 or more Associate Memberships from families in their studio for only $30 USD per family. To do so, send the SAA a typed list stating each family’s address, email, phone, instrument, plus payment.

Teacher Location Service
Teachers, if you have openings in your studio, be sure to sign up for the online teacher search. This service is available to all SAA teacher members, has resulted in increased studios, and has provided a valuable resource for families. To be added to the teacher search, check your profile account, as well as update any contact information (phone, email, location, etc) that you’d like posted. Note, this is an optional service, so one must request to subscribe.

September is sale month for the SAA Online Store!
Stock up on your favorite Suzuki books and materials, and save 10% during the month of September. Here’s your opportunity for a member discount on such popular resources as the revised Nurtured by Love, First Class Tips for Suzuki Parents, Which Pitch is Which?, plus more!

Did you know?

Nearly 15,000 people receive the Short Score? The monthly e-newsletter is available to anyone interested in receiving more information directly from the SAA—this means members and non-members alike! Help circulate the latest Suzuki news within your community by inviting parents and fellow Suzuki supporters to subscribe! Feel free to forward this message to a friend.

Long-term training

More than fifteen universities/colleges offer a long-term Suzuki pedagogy program, with weekly teacher training, observations, and often hands-on experience. Some extensive programs run two years and culminate in a degree in Suzuki pedagogy; others offer a certificate in Suzuki pedagogy. Consult with the respective teacher trainer on what their program may offer you.

Upcoming Events

Plan ahead for events during the academic year! Check out various upcoming opportunities for both teachers and students.

Call for new members!

Join the SAA and become part of the professional organization for Suzuki education! You’ll connect with a larger community of teachers and parents, and receive the quarterly American Suzuki Journal!


Chapters come alive!
Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association

Each month we will be featuring news from one of our chapter affiliates. We kick-off this project with updates from Christopher Mincer, president of the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association, addressing the genesis of an SAA Chapter Affiliate organization.
Read more from Chris Mincer…

What is a Chapter Affiliate?

Chapter Logo

A Chapter Affiliate is a local Suzuki Association that has met the requirements of the SAA not only to be endorsed by the SAA, but also to receive their support, benefits, and international recognition. Chapter Affiliates are extremely important to the SAA because they allow the philosophies and goals of the organization to be implemented at the local level, and likewise, the Chapter Affiliate receives the benefits of recognition and promotion at the national level. In essence, Chapter Affiliates are one of the most important and effective keys to weaving your local Suzuki community into the whole national and international Suzuki movement.

Chapter Affiliates are not only beneficial for the international community, but most importantly, they are valuable to you. Chapter affiliation benefits you and your area in the following ways:

  • Helps you connect more closely with the teachers in your area.

  • Offers education and support for both teachers and parents.

  • Provides scholarships and other benefits for students and teachers.

  • Keeps you updated through websites and newsletters posting local events and other information.

  • Connects you with the SAA, which provides support and resources.

Click Here for more information about our Chapter Affiliates or how to become a Chapter Affiliate of the SAA.


Humor from the Suzuki Studio  

Cartoon Flute Note

Have a funny Suzuki-related story? We would love to hear from you! Tell us your Story or view and add to our “Friday Funnies” on Facebook, and your story may appear in a future SAA comic. Of course, please keep it clean and respectful. We’re not here to laugh at the expense of anyone involved! Please omit individuals’ last names, and change first names if you wish.

Get Involved!

SPA: Host a course…take a course!

Rejuvenate with SPA! For those teachers who haven’t taken a training course recently or need a shot in the arm, consider attending an upcoming Suzuki Principles in Action course. This two day, cross-instrumental course is designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The inspiration for SPA came from a need, identified by both Trainers and Teacher Workshop Participants, to deal with the challenges of implementing the knowledge gained from unit courses into the reality of day-to-day studio teaching. Four SPA courses are currently scheduled, with more to come! Read more regarding hosting a course or make plans to attend one already scheduled: October 10-11 (Westport, CT), October 16-17 (Indianapolis, IN), November 28-29 (Edmonton, AB, Canada), January 9-10 (Eastern Mennonite University, VA).

Article Submissions

Is there a Suzuki-related subject you wish we’d cover more in the ASJ, newsletter, or blog? Or have you written an article that you would like published? If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please see the Manuscript Guidelines or email us at for more information.

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