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Your Minijournal 2020 is Here!

Minijournal 2020 Shadow

All of us here at the SAA are devastated that we won’t be meeting in person this summer for our beloved institutes. That’s why we decided to publish this year’s Minijournal online, free for everyone to read. Enjoy wisdom from Dr. Suzuki, tips for building confident musicians, and this year’s puzzle, which features an interactive listening playlist. And feel free to share with your friends and colleagues! Play on—we’ll meet again next summer!

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Suzuki Online Seminars (SOS)

A few weeks ago we launched a special series of 5-hour Seminars for the months of June, July, and August. With over 100 options, many of the seminars have now filled, but it’s not too late! There are still opportunities to participate! With no institute training being offered in the coming months, the Seminars offer opportunities to refresh and renew your teaching skill!

SOS sessions are interactive, small (6 participants maximum), and 5 hours total, offering over two days’ time.  Topics are inviting and vary widely. They are intended to enhance unit training, not to replace it. Pre-requisites are ECC or Filosofía and Unit One.

Note: No SAA unit courses or core training will be offered online in the upcoming months.
This includes ECC, book courses, Practicum, Strategies, and Overview and Review courses.


The SAA 19th Conference, “Learning Suzuki-Style,” is scheduled to take place September 3-7, 2020, at the Hilton Minneapolis and Minneapolis Convention Center! We are pleased that most of our guest clinicians and presenters are still planning to join us!

A new reservation page for the Hilton has been added to the SAA website, and the opportunity to register for the Conference will re-open starting June 5 for those of you who still need to register. The Early Bird rates will continue to be available until online registration closes. (If the Conference is cancelled again, full refunds will be available.)

We will need to determine in the next few weeks how many teachers and families are considering attending. If you receive a survey inquiring about your plans, we will hope to hear from you in order to make much needed final preparations. We do realize that such decisions are difficult at this unique and challenging time, but we are nevertheless excited that we may be able to save the 2020 conference event!

Suzuki Association of the Americas’ Annual Meeting

SAA’s structure and bylaws call for an Annual Membership Meeting, which is usually held at a May Conference or Retreat. With the fiscal year ending soon—on July 31, 2020, we are scheduling our 2020 meeting for July 12, 2020, online via ZOOM, at 7 PM Eastern. (This replaces the meeting previously announced for May 23, 2020, in Minneapolis.)

We’ll send Active members an invitation early in the month of July. Save the date to meet virtually with your Board of Directors!


Making Online Lessons Work with Preschool Students
Tips from our community

by Christine Goodner

Teaching preschool-aged students has presented a unique challenge during this time of online lessons. Of all the age groups I teach, online lessons are the hardest for many of my students in this age range. I have had to be creative and flexible in my approach to make lessons work for them right now—and maybe you are finding the same thing.

How do we help our youngest students continue to progress?
How do we help them hold on to the joy of making music?
What is working for them and their families right now?

These are questions I have been asking myself and inviting other Suzuki teachers to share about as well.
Here is what I learned:

Parents likely need extra support and information about how they can help the teacher during the online lesson. Have clear discussions about what will help you as the teacher give an effective lesson.

  • Do you want the parent in the video frame?
  • How hands-on do you want them to be?
  • Do you want to treat the lesson like a practice session (with the parent practicing with their child in front of you)?
  • Or would you prefer the parent to let you do all the talking?

Having conversations about these details and communicating a clear plan for the lesson before it starts will be so helpful.

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What is making online lessons work for you? Tips from our community

Parents as Partners Logo 2020 Transparent

What is Parents as Partners online? A video series that you can sign up for now, and have access to all year that includes short videos about motivation, practice and helpful ideas for parents. Register now to hear great ideas from teachers and parents in our community that will help teachers and parents work together to help our students be successful. Find out more.


The Sing-Along

The Sing-Along

In December and June, Kathleen Moser and students love to perform at a retirement community, complete with Sing-along pieces! (We’ve found that retired folks have awesome voices!)

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture today!

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