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Suzuki Association of the Americas

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Board of Directors of the SAA is seeking nominees for board service. We would like to ask you to consider who among your colleagues and associates you like to see involved in shaping the future of the SAA.

Exemplary board nominees might be drawn from your network of parents, former Suzuki students, friends or professional contacts from the corporate, academic or philanthropic communities. Nominees must have a strong belief and dedication to the Suzuki Philosophy and may have specific skills or experience in such areas as higher education, psychology, marketing, business management, fund raising, technology, communications or other areas of knowledge and experience.

Official board responsibilities include representing the ownership in determining and demanding appropriate organizational performance; governing with an emphasis on integrity, vision and continuous learning; producing governance policies and monitoring their implementation; and participating in organizational fund raising.

Board members must attend and productively participate in three multi-day meetings each year and serve on board committees as assigned. In addition, board members must be willing to make a personally appropriate financial contribution to the SAA and participate in various volunteer activities. Board members are imbued with characteristics such as good listening skills, sensitivity, the ability to work as a team and a sense of humor.

If there are individuals whom you would consider as qualified prospective board nominees, or simply admire as leaders, do not hesitate to relay their names, contact information and a brief statement as to why you are suggesting them. The nominating committee of the board will place their names in our pool of potential nominees and begin the process of review, dialogue and skill and experience matching.

Send your nomination ideas to Mark George, Chair; Nominating Committee, SAA Board of Directors;

Mark George

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