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Suzuki Association of the Americas

Dear SAA members,

Through these challenging times, Suzuki teachers and families have an opportunity to model courage, persistence, and thoughtfulness to our communities.

First we need to inform you that planning for the SAA Conference May 21-25, 2020, is still moving forward. We should have more information within a week.

In keeping with the SAA’s commitment to creating safe learning communities, please heed any instructions from local and national health authorities regarding social distancing and quarantine. Following directives keeps us all safer and healthier at a time where collective efforts are needed for the benefit of all.

With many schools, studios, and programs closed for a while, we are fortunate that technology provides us capabilities for continuing to work with our students and families. For those who are looking for solutions, the pool of resources is growing steadily. A few ideas for Suzuki teachers include:

Many of these shared ideas and resources include solutions for private lesson teaching and for recitals and group lessons, as well.

Additionally, remember to utilize the resources within your studio. Parents who are skilled computer users, distance learning practitioners, and telecommuters are willing to help!

Now more than ever, our world needs the gifts of presence, beauty, community, and hope that are always at the heart of our work. Dr. Suzuki’s legacy is a BIG vision for the happiness of children and peace in our world. We shall continue to meet this challenge together; we are known for not giving up!


SAA Board: Beth Cantrell, Chair, Rolando Freitag, Chair-Elect, Esther Fellows, Secretary, Michal Bogomolny, Winifred Crock, Mary Halverson Waldo, Trina Hodgson, Ellen Kogut, Oscar Soler

SAA Staff: Pam Brasch, CEO, Libby Felts, Kat Fritz, Anita Hamilton, Jason Hardgrave, Beth Stanley, Laura Yasuda

Suzuki Association of the Americas
PO Box 17310, Boulder CO 80308