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Suzuki Association of the Americas

Chapter Affiliate Logo

Chapter Affiliate Logo

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Dear ,

As a friendly reminder, all Chapter Affiliate reporting documents were due October 31. We have not yet received your information. Our apologies if we missed it. Please send or resend your report ASAP. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help!

Please take some time to review the list of required documents below, and send your report to

  1. Annual Financial Report or Financial Documents (Profit and Loss Balance Sheet) from the most recently completed fiscal year.

  2. Complete Membership list with full contact information. Note: Parents, families, institutions and other members of your chapter must also be listed.

    2a. Update Membership List on SAA website. 100% SAA active membership must be maintained for teachers and all current board members. Click here, look for your organization and update your list(s) under Quick Links.

  3. Annual Report on accomplishments, goals met, and future program plans.

  4. List of current officers and directors with full contact information and descriptions of duties.

  5. List of committee chairs with full contact information.

  6. Copies of current corporate Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Be sure to provide documentation of any revisions or amendments made during the previous year to the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws.

  7. Care to share any interesting news of your chapter’s activities or accomplishments? We aim to promote chapter affiliates in the Short Score Email newsletter, journal, and on the website, and would welcome any newsworthy items you’d like to submit!

Each Chapter Affiliate will pay annual membership dues; the dues amount will be determined by the SAA upon receipt of the above documents. Invoices will be sent to each Chapter Affiliate by November 30th, and dues are payable by January 15.

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