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Podcast Sneak Peek!

Shhhhhh……Even though this episode isn’t available on our website, iTunes, or the Stitcher app yet, we want to let you see a sliver of what we’ve been cooking up!

Join us next week for the release of “Building Noble Hearts: Inside a Teaching Community.” Each semi-monthly episode will explore an element of Suzuki teaching through the stories of people in our Suzuki community.

We will release episodes on iTunes as well as on the SAA homepage with a transcript of the show and a link to a discussion forum where we can continue the conversation with interviewees.

We are excited to share this new format with you and look forward to expanding the conversation about Suzuki teaching!

Questions? Comments? Write

Spring is here!

The Suzuki Association is celebrating by nurturing our very own Cherry Blossom Tree!

As Suzuki teachers and parents, we have the great honor of nurturing a musical “garden”; young musicians who blossom into people of character and compassion, sharing their beauty and a peaceful sensibility with the world.

We invite you to celebrate our beloved Suzuki community by making a contribution to the SAA Cherry Blossom campaign. Your donation ensures that the gifts Dr. Suzuki gave to the world will blossom for generations to come.

Any donations that are made to the Suzuki Association Annual Fund will help to make our tree flower. Every morning new blooms will appear on the tree to reflect the support from the community. Your name will appear below the tree as an Honorary Gardener.

Blossoms will open until May 1, 2017


What is SECE?

Fun with scarves in ECE BabyClass

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is a program in which a mixed age group of young children meet weekly, building on concepts and skills laid out in the SECE repertoire while interacting with one another, their parents, and the teachers. The parent plays a central role in all activities in the belief that the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher. Through parent participation in prenatal, baby, and preschool classes, parents become partners in providing an enriched natural environment for the growth of their children.

Interested in getting training or starting your own Suzuki Early Childhood Education program?

Upcoming events are listed here.

Need more Listening?

Did you know that most of the Suzuki recordings are available digitally on iTunes and Amazon? In the Violin School, the older recordings by Suzuki, Nadien, Cerone, Toyoda are available as well as the revised versions by Preucil. All eight volumes are available. In the other instruments, most of the volumes are now available on both iTunes and Amazon.In these days of disappearing CD players, it is nice to know the children can listen to their recordings in places other than the car! In addition many of the core books are available as eBooks on Amazon!

Upcoming opportunities

Looking for an Every Child Can course?
Upcoming courses on April 22, April 29-May 13, May 5, May 6, May 6-7, May 7, May 14, and May 20!

There’s more under the “Quick Links” column on the SAA website homepage!

Our Global SAA Community

Festival in Ecuador!

Ecuador Festival Concert

The Sixth Annual International Suzuki Festival Ecuador took place in Quito, Ecuador, from February 20 to March 8, 2017. This gathering of music professionals from Ecuador, Argentina, and Venezuela united preschool educators, musicians, music teachers, and parents as well. Some of the classes offered were: Suzuki Philosophy, Music Reading, Introduction to Recorder, and Recorder Unit One. Performances were enjoyed in piano, violin, guitar, flute, and recorder from the INEPE program as well as the Suzuki Choir of INEPE: a choir work where children, their adult relatives and teachers sing together every week. Andrea Razer concludes in her report, “We will continue weaving more networks of love and art so that Suzuki continues to flourish and beat in more and more hearts in our small and multicolored country.”

Look for the next issue of the American Suzuki Journal for a full article on the festivities.

Have news to share from your corner of the globe? Email

SAA Chapter Affiliates

Families gather with the Suzuki Association of Indiana

Suzuki Association of Indiana

The Suzuki Family Orchestra is a gathering of students, teachers, and parents who rehearse and perform pieces from the Suzuki repertoire such as the Bach Double and Seitz Concerto No. 2, 3rd movement. The 2017 performance is the first Saturday of June in Indianapolis. What a great way to connect community and create an unforgettable experience for families! Want to know rehearsal times or attend the concert? Contact SAI at .

Click here for further information about Chapter Affiliates, how to create a Chapter Affiliate, or how to reach your local chapter to inquire about joining.

Deakins Suzuki Strings Performing at Summit Place

Image by Lisa Deakins

Students from Deakins Suzuki Strings gathered together to perform a lunch concert for the residents of Summit Place on Daniel Island. The students performed solos and group pieces together, finishing off with a unique rendition of “Happy Birthday” in honor of a student’s 7th birthday on the day of the performance. Daniel Island is a small neighbor of Charleston, South Carolina.

Calling all Suzuki fans! Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Send a picture our way and we will share favorites in Short Score!

Your SAA Membership Supports…

Opportunities to attend institutes

Your SAA membership supports the network of institutes across the continent!

These summer music programs for students, parents, and teachers focus on individual and group instruction with highly respected faculty in a range of classroom experiences for all ages, all instruments, and all levels. Experiencing this unique community of friends, mentors, and colleagues is guaranteed to leave participants inspired. Your membership supports the institute program throughout the SAA.

Not a member yet? Has your membership lapsed? You can fix that here!

Get Involved!

There’s a conversation waiting for you

in the SAA Forums.

Teacher’s Corner

Do you do solo book recitals and how important have you found them to be? Do you have ideas about orchestral sitting posture for small children? Do you need lyrics to early flute pieces? Join the discussion in the Teacher’s Corner!

Suzuki Forum

Kids who need to run—what to do at practice time? Having problems with teaching sight reading? Ever have a student with a bow that just keeps bouncing? Join the discussion in the Suzuki Forums!

Parents As Partners 2017 Icon

Interested in organizing a Parents as Partners Online gathering?

Get-togethers allow parents a chance to have open discussions on PPO talks, share ideas in greater depth, and gain insights and perspectives from multiple families.In-person gatherings enable parents to share frustrations and successes, and parents realize that all families share similar practice struggles (and joys!) from time-to-time.

Whether you are a parent or teacher, Parents as Partners Online is a way to strengthen interactions and practicing with students through an infusion of new ideas.

Ideas for Studio Gatherings here

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