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Episode Two:

“It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This”

“Building Noble Hearts” podcast has released its second episode! Here, we interview Carey Beth Hockett, and explore the question of how a feeling of community is created among people.

Each semi-monthly episode explores an element of Suzuki teaching through the stories of people in our Suzuki community.

Episodes are available on iTunes as well as on the SAA homepage with a transcript of the show, links to music clips, and an associated discussion forum where we continue the conversation with interviewees.

We are excited to share this new format with you and look forward to expanding the conversation about Suzuki teaching!

Questions? Comments? Write

Special Teacher in your Life? Name a Star in Their Honor!

Galaxy Map Large Sample

With the end of the school year approaching, it’s an opportune time to dedicate a star for an individual, group, or a special event that has happened during the past year. Perhaps you’d like to honor that exceptional teacher who exhibited an extra ounce (or mile) of patience or a fellow parent who encouraged you along your Suzuki journey. You could also honor your program, a school celebration or concert, or even an SAA-sponsored event, such as a Parents as Partners talk. Watch this touching video and join the many others in “thanking our lucky stars” as we strive to light up the SAA Galaxy of Stars with appreciation.


Institute Focus Groups

At every summer institute, all Suzuki teachers have the chance to gather at an SAA Focus Group meeting. At these vibrant, collaborative meetings, we discuss current questions and ideas. The Board and Staff appreciate hearing the ideas and suggestions from everyone who attends. The ideas brought up—whether new or recycled—can be interesting and helpful to everyone. We hope that you will feel supported and inspired by seeing what is working in other teachers’ studios.

Plan now to attend an institute in 2017, and be sure to lend your voice to the discussions at the Institute Focus Group meeting!

Upcoming opportunities

Looking for an Every Child Can course?

Upcoming courses on May 20, May 27, June 3 in MO, June 3 in MI , June 3 in AK, June 8, June 9, June 10 & 17 in CO, June 10 in FL, June 10 in MN, June 10 in OH, June 15 in GA, June 15 in UT, June 15 in UT, June 16 in VA, June 17 in CA.

There’s more under the “Quick Links” column on the SAA website homepage!

Our Global SAA Community

Welcome to the new Asia Region Suzuki Association!

On April 30, 2017, Asia Region Suzuki Association was recognized as the newest global Suzuki region by the International Suzuki Association. The other global Suzuki regions include the SAA, the European Suzuki Association, the Pan-Pacific Suzuki Association, and the Talent Education Research Institute. ARSA comprises Suzuki associations in countries across Asia, except for Japan. Welcome to ARSA!

SAA Chapter Affiliates

Why Affiliate?

Are you part of a Suzuki Association? Is your Association affiliated with the SAA? Some of the benefits of officially connecting your Suzuki Association with the SAA include:

  • A stable structure of bylaws and legal non-profit status to support your organization’s sustainability
  • Sessions especially for Affiliated Chapters at the Conference and Retreat
  • Newsletters and other communication connecting you to other chapters
  • General support and consultation regarding business practices and educational programs

Click here for further information about Chapter Affiliates, how to create a Chapter Affiliate, or write to

Piano Guys includes Suzuki Strings group

The internationally renowned Piano Guys invited the Suzuki Strings from Cedar City, Utah to join in their performance on February 3, 2017.

Said Director Sara Penny, “The biggest thanks is to the Piano Guys for nurturing and encouraging all ages to engage in live music.”

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Send a picture our way and we will share favorites in Short Score!

Your SAA Membership Supports…

Suzuki Trumpet!

Group of Children Playing Trumpet

Did you know Suzuki Trumpet is happening? Development of teaching techniques, literature, and training is a long process. Your membership in the SAA supports the development of all instruments: bass, cello, flute, guitar, harp, organ, piano, recorder, trumpet, viola, violin,and voice. Thank you!

Not a member yet? Has your membership lapsed? You can fix that here!

Get Involved!

There’s a conversation waiting for you

in the SAA Forums.

Teacher’s Corner

Do you have students that hide under the chair? What if you suspect an undiagnosed disorder in a student? Do you have questions or strategies to share for note-taking in lessons? Join the discussion in the Teacher’s Corner!

Suzuki Forum

Do you have questions or comments about the latest Building Noble Hearts Episode? Have a question you would like answered from your Suzuki community? Join the discussion in the Suzuki Forums!

ATTENTION, Suzuki Program Directors

Spa Email

Including Suzuki School Administrators, Chapter Affiliate Boards, Local Suzuki Teachers Groups, and others!

Experience hassle-free planning & fret-less hosting—who doesn’t like that?

  • See improvements in teacher/parent cooperation.

  • Watch new collegial connections develop.

  • Raise the levels of excellence achieved in your own teaching.

The SAA needs YOU to host a 2-day SPA course at your school or other program facility!

You provide the location, you help spread the word, and brew the coffee. The SAA does almost all of the planning——registrations, contracts, travel & more!

Suzuki Principles in Action © (SPA) may be offered from September through early April. SPA welcomes all Suzuki instrumental, vocal, and Early Childhood teachers who meet the minimum requirements. PLAN NOW! Click here for more about the course, or call the SAA Office for further details.

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