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2014 Conference: May 22-26, Minneapolis

Early-Bird Registration Ends March 31st!

Special early-bird conference registration prices will end in just a few days! Be sure to register online by March 31 so you won’t miss this discount pricing.

Who’s Coming?

View the current list of conference participants, or submit your registration online to join this growing list!

Conference participants can visit the Powered By Community Facebook group, where you can share your excitement and enthusiasm for what you hope to get from your experience at the 2014 conference—this is a great space for asking questions and sharing concerns with our knowledgeable moderators.


Suzuki Americas 2014

Suzuki Americas 2014

“Perhaps it is music that will save the world.”

But how? Could it be as a common bond among peoples of different nationalities and cultures, forging mutual understanding, kindness, and friendship?

This is a part of Shinichi Suzuki’s vision—and this is why we invite your Suzuki student to be a part of this historic event, Suzuki Americas 2014: the first official gathering of Suzuki students from North and South America.

Fifty years ago, Dr. Suzuki brought his Talent Education Tour to the United States, setting off the chain of events that brought the Suzuki movement to the Western Hemisphere—ultimately, uniting people under the common bond of music and the common goal of educating children to be fine musicians and fine people.

Suzuki students of all instruments who are beyond the Twinkles are invited to attend the festival, held May 25-26, in Minneapolis, MN, concurrent with the 2014 SAA Conference. Students from the United States and Canada will join the students of the Latin American Suzuki Ensemble for rehearsals, play-ins, games and activities, and social events, and to perform a closing concert at the conclusion of the SAA Conference, all led by some of the most beloved Suzuki method teachers in the Western Hemisphere.

This landmark event once again brings cultures together to make music and celebrate the empowering message of Suzuki philosophy—that talent is no accident of birth; every child can learn.

Suzuki Americas 2014 Repertoire

Music for Suzuki Americas 2014 is now available for download. Start your preparation now for this inspiring event!

While the music for Suzuki Americas 2014 is free for participants to download, this project depends on donations to cover its expenses. We encourage you to donate to the Latin American Suzuki Ensemble as a thank you for access to this music as well as to support the project as a whole.


Gala Benefit Concert


Doris and William Preucil

Join us for an evening with the Preucils, a three-generation family of exceptional musicians who have played an integral part in the development of the Suzuki method and have made a wide impact on the international music community. We are honored to welcome back William Preucil, Sr., recording artist for the method books of the Suzuki Viola School, and his wife, Doris Preucil, former president of the SAA and author of the Suzuki Viola School method books, as they and their family share their life’s love for music and legacy extending beyond.

The concert will feature a range of instrumental ensembles, including works by Dvorak, Paganini, and Strauss, among others. This rich program will not only highlight the masterful abilities of these experienced musicians, but it will also serve as a farewell performance for William and Doris Preucil as they celebrate their sixtieth anniversary year.

Purchase tickets as a part of your Conference Registration, or order them online for friends and family.

Proceeds from the concert will benefit the SAA Scholarship Fund.

Cello and Bass Rentals

Cello and bass rentals are available for $40 for conference student participants through Schmitt Music. View their website, or call them at 612-238-9930 for further information.

View the conference section of the SAA website to view conference events, clinician bios, and other updated information.


SAA Ballot for Board of Directors

The election of new SAA Board meetings takes place between March 1 and April 1, 2014. The presentation of the slate and the balloting process is available online on the SAA website. Paper ballots will be mailed to those who do not have email access or at your request. After careful consideration, the Nominating Committee presented the following slate, which was approved by the full Board:

Wendy Azrak, MI
Holly Blackwelder Carpenter, WA
Carey Beth Hockett, CA
Susan McDonald, MO

All Active level individual members are eligible to vote. We encourage you to participate in the process.


New Waveline Flutes for the Beginning Flutist

Jupiter Waveline

The Jupiter product development team recently collaborated with several music educators including Prof. Barbara Gisler-Haase from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna to concentrate on solving a problem.  Together, they created a novel flute series devoted to the musical success of younger players and created 2 new unique flute offerings.

The Jupiter 509S and 510ES flutes solve the problem of with the ergonomic concerns many instructors experience while teaching beginning flute students to play. The “Wave-Line” design and shortened length is more ergonomic, and keeps the headjoint in line with the body, promoting correct playing posture.  The combination of ergonomics and improved posture will help the player to easily transition to a standard flute.

509S: The 509S model is designed for children from 5 to 8 years of age; features assisted fingering key cups, and a specially designed low D body without trill keys that reduces the flute’s weight encouraging children to play longer with less fatigue.

510ES: The 510ES model is fully equipped with trill keys, split E mechanism, and specially engraved alignment indicators located on the headjoint and body to ensure correct assembly and optimum position placement.

510ES Extension Kit: An optional extension kit is available which converts the 510ES to a full-size standard flute. The kit includes an extension barrel, a complete headjoint with a .925 Sterling Silver riser, and a French-style ABS case with shoulder bag. This kit extends the useful life of the instrument making the best of your investment as your student continues to grow musically.

“We are extremely proud to introduce this very innovative technology to help new students learn to play the flute successfully at a younger age while producing superior tone and exhibiting proper technique”, says KHS America president, Tabor Stamper. “Innovations of this caliber further our corporate commitment to music education and enjoyment for musicians of all ages.”

For more information on the Jupiter 509S and 510ES flutes and the patented “Wave-Line” headjoint technology visit:


Summer Institutes

Suzuki Summer Institutes provide an opportunity for Suzuki students to come together and learn from inspirational guest faculty, interact with other Suzuki students, and perform together through a week-long invigorating program. Teachers, likewise, can completed SAA teacher training during the institute with our highly knowledgeable and experienced teacher trainers.

Find a great Summer Institute to attend!


Teachers, if you plan to take unit training at a summer institute, now is the time to prepare your audition.

You will need to submit an audition if you are beginning training at Unit 1, or if you are taking Unit 5 or higher and have not already completed an upper-level audition. Be sure to check audition deadlines for each course and submit your audition online.

See: Teacher Audition Instructions


Many summer institutes offer scholarships for students and teachers, and many of those scholarship deadlines are soon!

Check our list of summer institute scholarships, and also contact other institutes to find out if they have a scholarship program not listed at the above link.


Repeat, and Repeat Again

A hallmark value of the Suzuki learning community is our commitment to lifelong learning. Shinichi Suzuki believed that we become teachers at one hundred years of age, and until that point, we are all students.

He was known for greeting his trainees with the phrase, “New idea!” That is the spirit in which the SAA Teacher Development Program encourages continuing education for Suzuki teachers, through unit training courses, the Suzuki Principles in Action course, the Practicum Unit, and the Certificate of Achievement program. While these courses provide insight to those new to the material, Suzuki teachers also find continued growth in going through these courses again and again. It is our hope that as you plan your own journey of life-long learning you will consider attending an Institute this summer and continuing your education as a Suzuki teacher. As Dr. Suzuki said, “Repeat, and repeat again.”

Need some encouragement for repeating a unit course? SAA-Registered teachers who have done just that share their thoughts below:

“Continuing education is important in order to not only remain connected with other teachers and to stay up to date on latest ideas, but most importantly, continuing to learn and grow so as to effectively serve our students over a long period of time.”—Marlene Moses

“It is something we must budget into our annual studio expenses so that we can be refreshed and renewed, and so that we continue to build the repertoire of ideas we offer our students on a daily basis.”—Anna Draper

“We need to study and add layers of experiences and understanding as we progress as teaching professionals in order to uphold the highest standards and keep the Suzuki method alive and relevant to today.”—Daniel Gee

“I take very seriously Dr. Suzuki’s challenge to commit to lifelong learning, and of course this will take many different forms: workshops, Conferences, participation in other forms of training, and learning knowledge from other disciplines—but for me it also includes repeating units.”—Charles Krigbaum

“There isn’t necessarily a best way but often times a new way to teach a skill.”—Blaise Poth

        Read More


Upcoming Events

SAA Calendar
May 1: ASJ 42.4 Submission Deadline

Suzuki Strings of Augusta

Augusta, GA Mar 21 – 22
A Workshop for Strings: Cello, Recorder, Viola, Violin

Studio of Katherine Monsour Barley

Carnegie, PA Mar 21 – Jun 6
Piano 1

Instituto Suzuki Vive la Música

Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico Mar 24 – 28
Piano 4
Teaching Strategies: Piano

Indianapolis Suzuki Academy

Indianapolis, IN Mar 28 – 29
Suzuki Principles in Action

Pakachoag Community Music School of Greater Worcester

Auburn, MA Mar 28 – Apr 21
Violin 3

Suzuki Association of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT Mar 29
Every Child Can!

Centro Suzuki Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, C, Argentina Mar 29 – Apr 1

Studio of Rita Hauck

Ft. Worth, TX Apr 10 – 14
Piano 4

DePaul Community Music Division

Chicago, IL Apr 10 – May 19
Violin 2

Suzuki Guitarra Centroamerica

Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala Apr 11 – 15
Guitar 2

NWA Suzuki Strings

Bentonville, AR Apr 12
Every Child Can!

Projeto Cordas & Cia

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil Apr 18 – 21

RI Philharmonic Music School

East Providence, RI Apr 27
Every Child Can!

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