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September 2012
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99 new members joined the SAA in August. Welcome!

Online Audition & Scholarship Applications

You can now submit your teacher training auditions and scholarship applications online.

The new online application process will give you much faster audition results—in as little as one week in some cases!

If you still need to audition for training taken this past summer, or have upcoming training in the next few months,
submit your audition online. (You may still mail your DVD audition, but online submissions are strongly encouraged.)

Teacher scholarship applications are due February 5. The scholarship application includes an audition video along with letters of recommendation and other documents, so read the application instructions carefully and begin preparing your application now.


Our New Suggestion Box: Building the SAA Together

During the September board meeting, we envisioned a vibrant, creative organization capable of fulfilling our role in creating a better world through excellent Suzuki teaching. So many of your wonderful ideas and contributions have already taken us this far, developed us and challenged us. Together, we have grown!

It is our hope that Suzuki education may continuously improve as a result of the participation of all its supporters in a collaborative learning community. Therefore, we are excited to launch a new Suggestion Box on the SAA website.

Your thoughtful input will be read by board members and better inform us as we plan, prepare and provide the broad structures that nurture all the people benefiting from the SAA.

Please join us in sharing your thoughts, innovations, creative ideas and visions of our SAA future!

Happy Dreaming!
The SAA Board

Ideas may be sent by mail to:
SAA Suggestion Box, PO Box 17310, Boulder CO 80308

High Notes: Off to a Great Start

First in an educational series sponsored by Robertson & Sons Violin Shop.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Embarking on the journey to mastery of a stringed instrument requires a certain degree of courage, even when starting firmly entrenched in the belief that “every child can.”

Given the difficulty of playing an instrument where pitch must be selected from an infinite continuum, and where creating good tone is a challenge, it’s extraordinarily important to select an instrument and bow which will make the process as easy as possible. Although it might be tempting to buy that unbelievably low-priced instrument from eBay or Craigslist, consider how that choice might sabotage a student’s success before he/she even begins.

As a child’s technique develops and improves, it’s also wise to upgrade equipment in tandem with skill acquisition.

Continue reading High Notes: Off to a Great Start


SAA 101: Find a Teacher Online

Looking for more students?
Now is the perfect time to
sign up for the online teacher search.

There are around 2,500 people searching for teachers each month, so it’s a great, easy way for parents in search of a Suzuki teacher to find you.

Listing in the Find a Teacher search on the SAA website is not automatic—there are lots of members who don’t want to be listed! If you would like to be included, you need to
sign up here.

If you’re already in the teacher search, check your profile and make sure your location, email address, and phone number are still correct. Don’t forget that you can include your picture, website, and biography.

If you are no longer looking for more students, please delete your listing.

Upcoming Suzuki Principles in Action Courses

What is SPA?
Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) is a course designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The course focuses on how to teach, not what to teach, and to allow for the sharing of ideas among all instrument areas. It is based on Dr. Suzuki’s belief that knowledge is an important first step, but “knowledge plus 10,000 times” is what produces ability.

SPA is a prerequisite for the Certificate of Achievement.

Find out more about SPA

Now is the time to plan SPA courses!
Would you like to have SPA offered in your area?
We need your help!

Check out what’s involved in hosting a course


Upcoming Events

SAA Calendar
Oct 1: Newsletter Submission Deadline
Nov 1: ASJ 41.2 Submission Deadline
Jan 1: Minijournal Cover Contest Deadline
Feb 5: Scholarship Application Deadline

Fairbanks School of Talent Education

Fairbanks, AK Sep 21 – 22
Every Child Can!

Suzuki String School of Guelph

Guelph, ON Sep 22 – 29
Every Child Can!

Fundación Gisela

Caguas, PR Sep 22 – 30
Every Child Can!
Piano Book 1

Pakachoag Community Music School of Greater Worcester

Auburn, MA Sep 22 – Nov 17
Violin Book 1

Suzuki School of Newton

Newtonville, MA Sep 24 – Feb 4
Cello Book 3
Piano Book 2
Violin Book 1

Studio of Gail Lange

Guelph, ON Sep 27 – Jan 27
Piano Book 4

Temple University Music Preparatory Division

Philadelphia, PA Sep 28 – Oct 26
Every Child Can!
Piano Book 3

Studio of Rae Kate Shen

Redlands, CA Sep 29 – Feb 24
Piano Book 1

Studio of Andrea Cannon

Spring, TX Oct 4 – 8
Guitar Book 6

Centro Suzuki Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina Oct 6 – 8
Introduction to Kodaly

Western Springs School of Talent Education

Western Springs, IL Oct 9 – Nov 29
Every Child Can!
Supplemental Literature for Violin Books 4-7

Suzuki Association of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT Oct 13 – 27
Every Child Can!
Suzuki Principles in Action

Illinois State University ASTA Chapter

Normal, IL Oct 14
Every Child Can!

Studio of Nancy Toone

Centerville, UT Oct 18 – 22
Flute Practicum

Festival Suzuki de El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador Oct 26 – Nov 3
Estimulacion Musical Temprana 1
Cello Book 1
Guitar Book 1
Piano Book 1
Violin Book 2

Suzuki Strings of Dallas

Dallas, TX Oct 27
Every Child Can!

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