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2014 Conference: May 22-26, Minneapolis

Call for Conference Session Proposals

Have a great idea to share with your Suzuki colleagues?

As we wrap up a great summer and head into the new school year full of energy and inspiring ideas, it’s time to submit your proposals for presentations at the 2014 SAA Conference!

Sessions on instrument technique, pedagogy, history, musicianship, research and technology provide a framework for every SAA conference. Just as in the past, we will add both general and instrument-specific sessions to support our Conference theme, Powered by Community.

Your proposals are always welcome! Some will be needed for the upcoming conference and some may be better suited for a future conference or retreat, an online presentation, an ASJ or newsletter article, for SAA’s new blog, or perhaps a session for Parents as Partners Online. It will be valuable to the Conference Team to learn about your skills and interests. We will include as many sessions as possible to produce another fabulous SAA conference!

We’re looking for 50-minute solo, panel and team presentations, mini sessions (10-12 minute live presentations), and nano sessions (5 minute videos). All proposals must be submitted online no later than October 25.

See topic suggestions and submit your session proposal

Student Events Application Open

Submit your video audition for the following student participation opportunities:

  • Master classes in all instruments
  • Instrumental Choirs
  • Piano Concerto
  • Suzuki Youth Orchestras of the Americas (SYOA) 1 and 2
  • International Ensembles Concert

Plus two exciting new events:

  • Suzuki Young Artists String Ensemble (SYASE) for young string players, ages 12-15.

  • Suzuki Americas 2014 featuring the Latin American Suzuki Ensemble and additional special events for all Suzuki students from all parts of the SAA region—North, Central, and South America! Latin American application available now, more details to come for North American students.

See student event details and apply online


Suzuki Job Openings for Teachers and Administrators

Don’t forget—we have a list online of current Suzuki job openings from programs seeking both teachers and administrators. Right now there are 15 positions from across the country!

And if your program has a job opening you’d like publicized to over 2,000 people every month, see our job listings guidelines.


Studio Memberships

Want your studio parents to receive the American Suzuki Journal?

Studio Memberships are a great way for families to support the SAA and receive the ASJ. Teacher members of the SAA may collect 10 or more Associate memberships from families in their studio for only $30 USD per family. Just send SAA a typed list with each family’s address, email, phone, and instrument.

Right now there are 18 studios with 450 families who are members of the SAA through the studio membership program.


Suzuki Principles in Action: Upcoming Courses

Suzuki Principles in Action workshops are being scheduled for next fall. So far there are plans for IN, MN, NC, NY, ON, TN, TX, and UT.

SPA is a two day, cross-instrumental course on the art of Suzuki teaching.

Find an upcoming SPA course

Want to offer SPA in your area?

SAA 101: Find a Teacher Online

SAA 101 Logo

Looking for more students? Now is the perfect time to sign up for the online teacher search.

There are over 2,500 people searching for teachers each month, so it’s a great, easy way for parents in search of a Suzuki teacher to find you.

Listing in the Find a Teacher search on the SAA website is not automatic—there are lots of members who don’t want to be listed! If you would like to be included, you need to sign up here.

If you’re already in the teacher search, check your profile and make sure your location, email address, and phone number are still correct. Don’t forget that you can include your picture, website, and biography. If you are no longer looking for more students, please delete your listing.


Product Highlights from our Premier Members

SAA Premier Business Members support the SAA year after year, contributing to teacher training scholarships and other programs.

Read more about these featured products

Developed in the studios of Suzuki teachers with decades of experience, our popular Things 4 Strings® bow accessories help shape and stabilize bow holds – instantly providing beginning players with a relaxed and functional bow hold.

SL Super Light Hybrid Mobile Cello Case
The Perfect Cello Case: Easy on Your Back and on Your Wallet!
From Shar, of course!

Nothing compares to a NEW Nagoya Suzuki… except an old one!

Alfred Music is pleased to present new and revised editions of Harp School, Volume 4, Violin School, Volume 6, and Shinichi Suzuki’s Nurtured by Love, plus a book/CD kit of Viola Volumes 1 and 2.

A balance between brilliance and warmth, the new tin plated E string is a superior fit with the sound quality of Dominant Strings from Thomastik-Infeld.

Have questions about buying or renting a bowed stringed instrument? Download our free Answer Book 2013 today from the Potter Violin Company.

Inspired by the historically distinctive bows of François Voirin (1833-1885) and Joseph Lamy (1850-1919), the LUMA masterfully combines light facility and rich tonality.

Super-Sensitive Musical String Co. announces the release of Red Label Pearl, a nylon core string designed for students whose technique and skill have advanced beyond the company’s legendary steel core Red Label string.

Read more about these featured products

News from Here and There

Highlights from the SAA website news and SAA Facebook page—follow us!

The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned from Playing the Violin
It’s all about the quality of practice, not just the quantity. Read on for tips on deliberate, mindful practice!

A Suzuki Teacher Training Journal: Day Three
“The Suzuki Method creates a special bond between these three people even in the first meeting – and that bond is critical to the learning process.” We’re enjoying these perspectives from Alexandra Ostroff, a Shar Music employee and Suzuki Method trainee at PhoenixPhest Grande. What are you learning/have you learned from a ‎Suzuki Summer Institute this year?

A Surgeon Among Violin Teachers
A privilege of observing at ISSI (Intermountain Suzuki String Institute) in June was watching master Suzuki violin teacher HH work with a group of students. 

Dr. Suzuki Began Playing at the Age of 20
This is hugely significant when trying to understand a method of teaching that prides itself on being able to work with very young children.  The founder of this approach to teaching was not some child prodigy, he was an adult beginner.

The Benefits of Music Education
Research shows that learning the do-re-mis can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs.


Upcoming Events

SAA Calendar
Sep 19 – 22: SAA Board Meeting
Sep 30: 2014 International Ensembles Concert Application Due
Oct 15: Conference Student Applications Due (Master Classes & Choirs)
Oct 25: Conference Session Proposals Due
Nov 1: ASJ 42.2 Submission Deadline
Dec 15: Conference Student Piano Concert Applications Due

Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN Aug 22 – Sep 28
Every Child Can!

Amarillo College Suzuki Program

Amarillo, TX Aug 24
Every Child Can!

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY Aug 24
Every Child Can!

Studio of Rita Hauck

Ft. Worth, TX Aug 30 – Sep 3
Piano 5

Ave Maria Community Orchestra Inc.

Naples, FL Aug 31
Every Child Can!

Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas

Dallas, TX Sep 7 – Oct 14
Every Child Can!
Violin 1

DePaul Community Music Division

Chicago, IL Sep 8
Every Child Can!

Patel Conservatory

Tampa, FL Sep 8
Every Child Can!

Studio of Sharon Miller

Harrisonburg, VA Sep 9 – Dec 20
Violin 2

Instituto Suzuki Vive la Música

Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico Sep 10 – 21
Piano 1, 3

Suzuki Association of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT Sep 13 – 14
Suzuki Principles in Action

Bellevue Baptist School of Performing Arts

Cordova, TN Sep 13 – 14
Suzuki Principles in Action

Pittsburgh Music Academy

Carnegie, PA Sep 14
Every Child Can!

Suzuki Talent Education Program of St. John’s

St. John’s, NL Sep 17 – 30
Violin 2, 5

Centro Suzuki Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, C, Argentina Sep 19 – 23
Introduction to Kodaly Pedagogy: Levels 1 and 2

Merit School of Music

Chicago, IL Sep 20 – Oct 18
Violin 3

Fairbanks School of Talent Education

Fairbanks, AK Sep 21
Every Child Can!

Houston Area Suzuki Piano Association

Houston, TX Sep 25 – Oct 2
Piano 1

Suzuki Strings of Austin

Austin, TX Sep 28 – 29
Violin Left Hand Development

Meredith College Suzuki Strings

Raleigh, NC Sep 28 – 29
Suzuki Principles in Action

School for Strings

New York, NY Sep 29
Every Child Can!

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