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March 2018

Special Conference News for Chapter Leadership

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We want to extend a special invitation to all current Chapter Leadership members to attend Conference! The early-bird registration deadline for Conference is around the corner on March 31. We have unique things to share with you and want to hear from you too. Here are the Chapter Focused events for the 2018 Suzuki Association of the Americas Conference:

Your Chapter Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch? What? Does that have something to do with intonation?


An “Elevator Pitch” is a mini-speech you have prepared in case you happen to ride an elevator (or find some other occasion for a very short conversation) with someone you want to quickly tell about who you are and what you do.

In this interactive session, we will write, discuss, and practice our responses to Chapter focused questions like “What is an Affiliated Chapter?” “What does a Chapter do?” and “Why do you give your time to support this community?”

This intimate workshop will help Chapter leadership look closely at their own answers and feel confident speaking up about their organization.

Bring something to share

Did your Chapter have an interesting play-in? Revise your website? Develop more sustainable practices for your board? Have you had success in raising scholarship funds for teachers or students? Or have a particularly inspiring workshop weekend or successful graduation concert? We want to hear about it!

Bring something to show and share at our Special Round table session (screen shot, photo, brochure, or … ?)

Just a few minutes of your time

Take our short survey to help us serve you better.

Have You Seen This?

If you haven’t been to a conference before, or you are indecisive about attending, or just want a taste of what to look forward to when you arrive, check out this video and see why conference is the place for you.

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Reserve your room at the Hilton Here.

A Big Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors!

Robertson & Sons Violin Shop, Inc.
Shar Music
Alfred Music
Kawai America
Schmitt Music
Connolly Music Company
D’Addario & Co., Inc.
Super-Sensitive Musical String Co.
CodaBow International, Ltd.
Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc.

Chapter Goals:

Connect: Build community among all students, parents, and teachers.

Educate: Provide resources and/or support to teachers and parents, new and current, concerning Suzuki teaching and ideals.

Support: Financially benefit teachers and students for further enrichment (conferences, institutes, workshops).

Celebrate: Arrange Concerts, Graduation, Celebration, Cross Instrument Recitals, Honors Recitals to rejoice in music together.

Respect: Support the Suzuki name/ brand/legacy by assuring SAA membership for teachers, broadening membership, and providing grassroots feedback to the SAA.

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