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Newsletter Transformation

The Suzuki newsletter will continue to bring you all the news from around the Suzuki community but now will have a brand new name and look, making the articles that interest you easier to find.

Connecting Musical with Magical: Suzuki Summer Institutes

Summer is a magical season for kids. Vacations, new activities and new friendships spur contagious excitement and lasting memories each year.  I distinctly remember many of these experiences from my own childhood, from activities in my own neighborhood to family vacations across the country. It didn’t matter so much how “big” the event might have been as much as the emotional impact of how new and exciting it was for me. In fact, as I look back, the impact of these summer experiences helped to shape my life well into adulthood.

Growing up as a Suzuki kid, the memories I formed at summer institutes made some of the most lasting impressions on me. You see, as Ed Kreitman once expressed, “when we attend a summer institute, we connect the musical with the magical. And within this magical context lies opportunity.” In my own magical experiences at institutes, I was intrinsically motivated to learn, grow, and connect and was touched by countless intangible emotions in addition to the more tangible musical benefits.  I have carried many of these emotional connections with me as a professional musician. Watch the video above to see a few of the ways that attending a Suzuki summer institute might impact you and your child! (Reflections from Whitney Kelley, Video by Ann Montzka-Smelser)

Are you interested in attending a Suzuki Institute this summer?

View a map of our Summer Institutes or Read More about what Suzuki Institutes have to offer you!


Parents as Partners Online

Last Chance! Registration for this year’s Parents as Partners will close April 30. Be sure to take advantage of this enriching offering to further Suzuki education for teachers and parents!

Upcoming Events

Montana Suzuki String Institute

Montana Suzuki String Institute

The SAA supports many workshops, institutes, and other events that provide student and teacher training opportunities. Check out the list below to find Suzuki events near you!

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Humor from the Suzuki Studio

Accidentals Suzuki Cartoon

Have a funny Suzuki-related story? We would love to hear from you! Tell us your Story or view and add to our “Friday Funnies” on Facebook!, and your story may appear in a future SAA comic. Of course, please keep it clean and respectful. We’re not here to laugh at the expense of anyone involved! Please omit individuals’ last names, and change first names if you wish.

In Appreciation of Our Teachers

The Gift of a Teacher
by Erica Wood

“ Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” —Plato

In my life I have been a student, a parent and a teacher. I have seen this triad from all sides and believe that it is a sacred relationship. The genius of the Suzuki method is including the parent in the lesson. The parent and student are learning side-by-side, absorbing the teacher’s insights and techniques to continue in the home setting. I had no idea when I signed my child up for Suzuki violin lessons twenty years ago that I was going to be learning so much about teaching, about mothering, about life. 

I have been watching Wendy, our teacher, for twenty years. Week after week, year after year, for seven of my children, I have been sitting in my chair just off to the side, or on the floor where I am a little more hidden and listened and learned. I note the little catch phrases she uses to make a difficult practice spot into a game little fingers can master, writing it down in my little book. In our practice times, I would find myself getting impatient and frustrated, and read the little gems she had given me. I saw that she was never panicked or impatient, and began to know that progress is rarely linear, that learning is not always something quantifiable or measurable. I watch her using her creativity to try something new when the technique that worked for all the other twinklers doesn’t work for this one. Mostly I watched my children respond to her guidance, hardly aware of how it was changing me. Read More…

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4—8. Do you have a teacher that you would like to honor? Consider donating a star from our SAA Giving Galaxy of Stars! In addition to being included among the SAA Galaxy of Stars, your honoree will receive an email sharing your message and you will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Donations are used to help develop programs, fund scholarships and provide training for teachers, parents, and students across the Americas.

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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Suzuki Association of the Americas is scheduled for Saturday morning, May 23, 8:30 AM at Deer Creek Conference Center, Mt. Stirling, OH (2015 Retreat location). Everyone is welcome!

Board Elections

Vote on this year’s Board Ballot to elect new members of the SAA Board of Directors! Click Here to submit your vote online before May 10.

Voting is primarily online. Paper ballots have been mailed to those eligible voting members without email addresses. Individuals with current Active memberships are eligible to vote. The ballot includes a proxy option for those unable to attend the Annual Membership Meeting in person.

Host a SPA Course

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) is a two day, cross-instrumental course designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The inspiration for SPA came from a need, identified by both Trainers and Teacher Workshop Participants, to deal with the challenges of implementing the knowledge gained from Unit courses into the reality of day-to-day studio teaching.

Are you interested in hosting a course in your area? We are now accepting applications for SPA courses to be held during Fall 2015! Click here for more information!

Article Submissions

Is there a Suzuki-related subject you wish we’d cover more in the Journal, Newsletter, or online Blog? Or have you written an article that you would like published? If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please see the Manuscript Guidelines or email the editor at for more information.

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