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Mini Online Conference

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Selected sessions from the 2014 SAA Conference “Powered by Community” will soon be available online!  If you were not present in Minneapolis, we encourage you to join the larger online community and enjoy 30 sessions, plus access to numerous handouts.  And, if you did attend, here’s your chance to catch a session you perhaps missed.

Check out these special rates!

$10 for 2014 conference attendees

$45 for SAA members (non-conference attendees)                        

$75 for non-SAA members

The Mini Online Conference will start November 1, 2014, and be available through January 31, 2015. You’ll receive an email for instant access to the sessions once you’ve registered.  Check back on the SAA website on November 1, when registration goes live!

Registrants for the Mini Online Conference also receive a $2 discount (per item) on any of the twelve conference digital downloads.  You’ll want to take advantage of hearing such amazing performances as Suzuki Americas, SYOA, SYASE, Latin American Ensemble, Piano Concerto, Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Recorder Consort, Boulder Suzuki Strings, Stellae Boreales, and Vivaldi Strings. 


Preliminary Summer Institute Listings

With more than 60 Suzuki Summer Institutes to choose from, there’s something for every Suzuki family!

View preliminary institute listings today:

Parents as Partners Online 2015

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Coming in the new year! The Parents as Partners Online series will return in late January with more than 30 new talks, plus additional presentations from the past three PPO events.  Topics range from listening to review, motivating teens to developing ownership, practice pointers to parent-child relationships, and more! You and your Suzuki parents won’t want to miss out on this opportunity for further inspiration. The short online talks will be available for viewing at your convenience, 24-7.

Registration information will be available in future Suzuki E-News.  Costs are listed below.


Teacher (you!) plus your studio parents. Note: Parents do not need to be SAA members, but are always welcome to join.

$50 for teacher plus 1 to 5 parents, $10 for each additional parent


$25 for SAA members, $45 for non-members


Suzuki Principles in Action: Upcoming Courses

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) is a two day, cross-instrumental course designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The inspiration for SPA came from a need, identified by both Trainers and Teacher Workshop Participants, to deal with the challenges of implementing the knowledge gained from Unit courses into the reality of day-to-day studio teaching.

The course focuses on how to teach, not what to teach, allowing the sharing of ideas among all instrument areas. SPA is based on Dr. Suzuki’s belief that knowledge is an important first step, but “knowledge plus 10,000 times” is what produces ability. Read More…

Upcoming Courses will be held in:

Madison, WI   Sign up by January 3rd!
San Diego, CA   Sign up by January 10th!
Portland, OR   Sign up by January 24th!
Ann Arbor, MI   Sign up by March 1st!

Want to offer SPA in your area? Click here for more information!

The Sound of Community

Is studying music a real way to raise better people?

SAA 16th Conference Keynote

By Gabriel Pliego

Perhaps some of you have experienced the following situation: when a three- or four-year-old student comes to our studio, she and her mother frequently believe we are Heifetz or Perlman, Dorothy DeLay or Josef Gingold, or one of them . . . anyway, they do not know them yet.

Some time goes by and the early teenage years arrive. You know, those years when teenagers “love” smiling, they have a “beautiful” attitude towards life, they “like” communicating with adults and, moreover, they listen with rapt “attention” to anything we say.

These are wonderful years. We love them, right? Clearly, they no longer believe that we are Perlman or Dorothy Delay; on the contrary, some believe we have too many limitations, and we do not belong to their team.

Some more years go by and they are about to graduate from high school, and they reach a halfway point: they know we are not the best in the world, but we are not bad either. In fact, they have realized we are good teachers, good musicians, and they also play very well, and best of all, we have become friends.

We have gotten along with them for twelve, fourteen, or more years. They have indeed shared with us some big personal disappointments or family sorrow, such as the loss of a loved one, but we have also shared big joys, maybe the arrival of a younger sibling or personal and school achievements.

Most likely we have had the chance to sit beside them to listen and advise them on important life decisions, perhaps the first-love disappointment. And it is very likely that we’ve been asked for advice on deciding the courses they may enroll in at university.

It does not matter whether they will study music, medicine, law, architecture, engineering—we have known them for long time and we have definitively influenced them; we are part of their lives and they take a part of us with them.

Let’s think a little about the following: a classroom teacher works with his students for one year only; it’s common for Suzuki teachers to work with the same student for ten, twelve, or more years. We have a huge responsibility. Read More…


News From Here and There

What we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to around the web:

Interactive Lab Explores Music’s Scientific Potential (The Globe and Mail)
This is a fascinating look into the new LIVElab at McMaster University, which is directed by SAA Honorary Board Member Laurel Trainor. Learn more about Dr. Trainor in our ASJ interview of her.

D’Addario Orchestral Strings | A Symphony of Innovation (D’Addario & Co)
Ever wondered where your strings come from? Take a fascinating 2.5 minute behind-the-scenes journey into SAA Premier Business Member D’Addario & Co’s Farmingdale, New York, factory—the world’s largest string-making company.This short film takes you inside the process of making a stranded-steel core string—from the wire-drawing, all the way through to quality control and packaging.

Happy Birthday, Shinichi Suzuki!
We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Suzuki on October 17 by sharing his philosophy on social media. Join in the discussion on our Facebook page!

Upcoming Events

San Martín de los Andes

San Martín de los Andes, Q, Argentina Oct 23 – 27
Flute 2
Flute 3

University of Denver

Denver, CO Oct 23 – Nov 19
Cello 6

Suzuki School of Newton

Newton, MA Oct 23 2014 – Jan 29
Every Child Can!
Guitar 2
Piano 4
Violin 2

University of Louisville Community Music Program

Louisville, KY Oct 25 – 26
Fall Violin Workshop

Studio of Sherry Cadow

Los Angeles, CA Oct 27 – Nov 7
Violin 3
Violin 4

Temple University Music Preparatory Division

Philadelphia, PA Oct 31 – Dec 12
Every Child Can!
Piano 5

Encontro Internacional de Controbaixo

Goiânia, GO, Brazil Nov 1 – 8
Bass 1
Bass 3
Violin 1

Asociación Mexicana de Método Suzuki

Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico Nov 6 – 9

Suzuki Association of Ontario

ON Nov 8
Every Child Can!

Northwestern State University

Nachitoches, LA Nov 8
Every Child Can!

University of Denver

Denver, CO Nov 8
Every Child Can!

Centro Suzuki Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, C, Argentina Nov 8 – 11
Violin 4

University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Music

San Antonio, TX Nov 9
Every Child Can!


Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico Nov 10 – 16
Piano 1
Violin 2
Pre-Twinkle: Violin

University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

Stevens Point, WI Nov 10 – Dec 23
Violin 2

Studio of Gail Lange

Guelph, ON Nov 10 2014 – Feb 27
Piano 1

Merit School of Music

Chicago, IL Nov 14 2014 – Jan 30
Violin 1

Studio of Jeff Cox

Amherst, MA Nov 15
Every Child Can!

Studio of Catherine Walker

Montréal, QC Nov 16
Every Child Can!

Studio of Patricia Pasmanter

Buenos Aires, C, Argentina Nov 20 – 24
Cello 2
Teaching strategies for: Cello

Vermont Suzuki Violins

Hinesburg, VT Nov 21 – 23
Every Child Can!

Studio of Martha Shackford

Sarasota, FL Nov 22 – 26
Violin 3

Festival Suzuki de Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador Nov 22 – 28

Studio of Alice Ann O’Neill

Cincinnati, OH Nov 28 – Dec 8
Cello 2

Premier Business Members

Many thanks to our Premier Business Members:

Alfred Music
CodaBow International, Ltd.
Connolly Music Company-Thomastik-Infeld
D’Addario & Co. Inc.
Jupiter Music
The Potter Violin Company
Shar Music
Super-Sensitive Musical String Co.
Things 4 Strings, LLC

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