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November 2011
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138 new members joined the SAA in October. Welcome!

Time for Three to Perform at the Conference

Time for Three Stronger

The 2012 Conference Team is excited to announce very special guest performers for the 15th Biennial Conference, 40 and Forward.

Time for Three (Nicolas Kendall, Ranaan Meyer, Zachary DePue) will be the featured performers at the SAA conference on Sunday night, May 27, 2012.

Time for Three has roots in classical music, but explores myriad styles in a unique fusion of sounds. Their first music video, “Stronger,” debuted online in October 2011, bringing a positive anti-bullying message to thousands of viewers.

Time for Three—Stronger Video

Read more about Time for Three on their website

Thank You for Supporting the Power of Community

THANK YOU! to everyone who supported the
Power of Community campaign.

Even though the week-long campaign is at its end, the donations are still rolling in and the word is still spreading.

We couldn’t have done it without you!


Conference Deadlines: Nano & Mini Messages, Kaleidoscope Concert

Student Events:

Kaleidoscope Concert applications due November 30.

The Kaleidoscope Concert will showcase student performers from all Suzuki instrument areas who have achieved a high level of development at a young age. In addition to outstanding musical performances, the program will feature a special guest host and interviews with the students. The event will be presented to conference attendees, aired through various media and recorded for future use by the SAA.

Bass Choir & Masterclass applications due November 30.

Piano Concerto applications due December 15.

Student Application

Session Proposals:

Nano and Mini Message proposals due November 15.

The call for papers for the 2012 Conference includes a trendy new format to add to the traditional methods used in the past. This new format offers many presenters the opportunity to contribute to cross-instrument sessions by limiting the length of an offering to time slots of 5 and 12 minutes.

Session Proposal Form


Upcoming Events

See all upcoming events

SAA Calendar
Nov 15: Nano & Mini Session Proposals Due
Nov 30: Kaleidoscope Concert Applications Due
Dec 1: ASJ 40.2 Submission Deadline
Dec 1: Newsletter Submission Deadline
Dec 15: 2012 Institute Final Information Due
Dec 15: Piano Concerto Applications Due

Western Springs, IL
Western Springs School of Talent Education
Violin Book 4, Edward Kreitman, Nov 15 2011 – Feb 8

Taylors, SC
I Pitch Music Suzuki Piano Studio
Piano Book 1, Jane Kutscher Reed, Nov 15 – May 22

Sacramento, CA
Sacramento State Student Chapter of ASTA
Every Child Can!, Judy Weigert Bossuat, Nov 20

Stevens Point, WI
University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
Violin Book 2, Pat D’Ercole, Nov 22 – Dec 16

Harrisonburg, VA
Eastern Mennonite University
Every Child Can!, Sharon Miller, Dec 3
Violin Book 1, Sharon Miller, Jan 2 – Apr 15

Winston Salem, NC
Piedmont Suzuki
Every Child Can!, Joseph Pecoraro, Dec 10

Lima, Peru
Festival Suzuki de Peru
Filosofía, Caroline Fraser, Jan 5 – 9
Cello Book 1, David Evenchick, Jan 17 – 22
Cello Book 2, David Evenchick, Jan 5 – 11
Flute Book 1, Kelly Williamson, Jan 17 – 22
Flute Book 2, Kelly Williamson, Jan 6 – 11
Flute Practicum, Kelly Williamson, Jan 5 – 9
Guitar Book 1, MaryLou Roberts, Jan 17 – 22
Guitar Book 2, MaryLou Roberts, Jan 23 – 29
Guitar Book 5, MaryLou Roberts, Jan 23 – 29
Piano Book 1, Caroline Fraser, Jan 17 – 22
Piano Book 2, Caroline Fraser, Jan 6 – 11
Piano Book 5, Mary Craig Powell, Jan 17 – 22
Recorder Book 1, Mary Halverson Waldo, Jan 17 – 22
Recorder Book 2, Mary Halverson Waldo, Jan 5 – 11
Recorder Book 5, Mary Halverson Waldo, Jan 5 – 11
Violin Book 1, Nancy Lokken, Jan 17 – 22
Violin Book 2, Nancy Lokken, Jan 5 – 11
Violin Book 3, Fernando Pinero, Jan 5 – 11
Violin Book 4, Helen Brunner, Jan 5 – 11

Fairbanks, AK
Fairbanks School of Talent Education
Suzuki Principles in Action, Katherine Wood, Jan 7 – 8

Brookline, MA
Brookline Music School
Every Child Can!, Kimberly Lorimier, Jan 8
Flute Book 2, Kimberly Lorimier, Jan 12 – 16
Flute Book 4, Laurel Ann Maurer, Jan 12 – 16

Austin, TX
University of Texas String Project
Suzuki Early Childhood Education Prenatal and Early Years, Stage 3, Sharon Jones, Jan 12 – 16

Crozet, VA
Talent Education at Old Crozet School Arts
Cello Book 4, Beth Cantrell, Jan 12 – 22

Philadelphia, PA
Temple University Music Preparatory Division
Piano Book 1, Joan Krzywicki, Jan 12 – Mar 1

Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Suzuki Association
Suzuki Principles in Action, Beth Titterington, Jan 14 – 15

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