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Suzuki Teacher Featured in Short Documentary, “Following Heart”

What is our ultimate goal in performing, teaching, and learning music? How does our commitment to music affect the world around us? In the midst of the bustle of New York City, violinist and Suzuki teacher Danielle Turano finds energy, diversity, and most importantly an opportunity to share music and make a difference in the world around her. Recently, the online blog and video project Jack’s Gap featured her in a short documentary, titled “Following Heart.” In this video, Danielle’s passion and work as a performer and Suzuki teacher are highlighted as the filmmakers follow her story and dreams for the future.

The SAA had an opportunity to interview Danielle for more information on her background and work on this project. You can read the full interview on our Blog.

We know that while we are all committed to music and Suzuki education, we each have unique stories about how this has impacted our own lives and the communities around us. Share with us your own story in Blog comments!



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Colorado Suzuki Institute

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American Suzuki Journal 43.2 Preview

Watch for the next journal issue to arrive in your mailboxes within the next few weeks! Here’s a sneak peek of what you will find inside:

Engaging Our Colleagues: Nurturing an Inspirational Environment 
MaryLou Roberts’ column series inspired by the SAA Aspirational Code of Ethics continues in this issue with a discussion on Suzuki teachers’ responsibilities to our colleagues. Roberts discusses mindful communication, listening more—to each other, and crediting colleagues’ ideas while nurturing a collaborative spirit.

Getting to Institute: Overcoming Obstacles for Students, Families, and Teachers 
Recognizing the benefit of Institutes for Suzuki families and teachers, Erin Rushforth examines common Institute attendance barriers and offers solutions for students, families, and teachers.

Betwixt and Between Children’s Work and Play in the Suzuki Lesson 
When questions arose for Megan Graham about the role of work and play in the Suzuki lesson, she put her anthropology background to work to investigate more. She discusses societal expectations surrounding children’s work and play as well as Dr. Suzuki’s writings on the subject.



Humor from the Suzuki Studio

Rover Takes the Plunge Cartoon

News From Here and There

More evidence that musical training protects the brain
Scientists have found some of the strongest evidence yet that musical training in younger years can prevent the decay in speech listening skills in later life. “Musical activities are an engaging form of cognitive brain training and we are now seeing robust evidence of brain plasticity from musical training not just in younger brains, but in older brains too,” said the study’s leader.

Principles of Sowing and Reaping for the Suzuki Parent: Misguided Parental Approaches in Music Study
There are some seeds that you can unwittingly sow that will bear a poor harvest in the future. This post examines four misguided parental approaches that may produce unintended consequences in the future.

Principles of Sowing and Reaping for the Suzuki Parent: Tending Your Crops—Ideas for Continued Growth
As a Suzuki parent, maybe you can relate more with a time of tending. You are further along in the Suzuki journey and you have seedlings or young plants that are growing. This may primarily be a season of watering, fertilizing, pruning, and nurturing your budding young musician.

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A Star for Kyoko
by Carey Hockett

You may have heard of Kyoko Selden from her translations of many articles on Talent Education, including a recent new translation of Nurtured by Love.

I first met the Seldens in the late 70s when I was living in Ithaca. They had moved from St. Louis and were living in Binghamton, NY, about an hour away. There were three children: Lili and Ken played violin, and Yumi played both violin and cello (at least until she came to me and I encouraged her to specialize).

Kyoko, the mom, sat in lessons with a kind of Zen presence that I have experienced very rarely: She had an unusual ability to be completely quiet and still, yet fully engaged and involved in the lesson.  Music had a clearly etched place in their daily life—On occasional visits to their home I witnessed the after-dinner review session, where they would play the repertoire. Kyoko would accompany and they would go through all the pieces. They did this day after day—with great verve. Read More…

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Is there a Suzuki-related subject you wish we’d cover more in the Journal? Or have you written an article that you would like published? If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please see the Manuscript Guidelines or email the editor at for more information.

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