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1,000 for 2016

Come one, come all, to the 17th Biennial SAA Conference at the Hilton Minneapolis and Minneapolis Convention Center, May 26-30, 2016. You’ll be enriched by pedagogy sessions, master classes, live music and more! Help us reach our goal of 1,000 participants, as we celebrate the theme We Are Suzuki: Embracing the Vision. Click here for a special welcome from the Conference Committee.

Student Conference Participation Opportunities

You can now view the many exciting student events and audition information. Applications will be accepted beginning August 12, 2015.

One of the many student opportunities: SYOA

Ever wonder what the Suzuki Youth Orchestra of the Americas experience looks like from a conductor or teacher’s perspective? Read the viewpoints below, and consider having your students apply for this motivational weekend of music-making.

I stepped to the podium for the first time and looked over forty-four faces alight with excitement and perhaps a few wisps of nervousness. Did they know their parts? Could we pull off a performance in a scant four days? From the first notes ringing forth, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” These amazing students—with their fantastic teachers’ guidance—had prepared the music to a very high level. We spent our rehearsals working hard at establishing matching articulations and style, and then moved easily into developing our artistic vision.
—Kirsten Marshall, 2014 SYOA Conductor

As a teacher, I have found the SYOA experience to be very rewarding. From the very beginning audition tape preparation, my students have found this to be an honor and have been thoroughly committed throughout the entire process. They went to Minneapolis well prepared and came out of the first rehearsal bubbling with enthusiasm. They all said how exciting it was to play with other Suzuki students who had the same commitment. Thanks to the wonderful conductors, sectional coaches, and superb organization; this is truly a special experience for all the participants.
—Sally Gross, Cello Director, Western Springs School of Talent Education

Three orchestras will be featured in Minneapolis, all organized by age/level: Suzuki Youth Orchestra of the Americas 1 and 2, and Suzuki Young Artists String Ensemble (SYASE).

The Real Magic of the Conference: Student Performances

Megan Titensor

As the Conference Committee plans for the 17th Biennial SAA Conference in May 2016, we are energized by all the exciting potential that lies ahead for engaging discussion, inspiring sessions, and most importantly, student performances. This is where the true magic lies; the tangible evidence of beautiful, heart-felt music making is witnessed every day at the conference.

Teachers and parents, this is where we need your encouragement and insistence to get the students to Minneapolis for this unforgettable experience. We need you to prepare the students for audition videos and help them understand that opportunities like these positively influence the trajectory of our musical journey. Read more from Megan Titensor…


“Take me out to the ball game!”

It’s the season for baseball, with hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack! This summer, several Suzuki programs and institutes donned their local team t-shirts and “hit” a home run, performing the national anthem for fans. Whether sunny conditions in Tampa Bay or rainy in Denver, the crowds cheered enthusiastically upon conclusion of the Star Spangled Banner.

Florida Music Institute at Tampa Bay Rays Game

Florida Music Institute at Tampa Bay Rays Game

Boulder Suzuki Strings at Colorado Rockies

Boulder Suzuki Strings at Colorado Rockies Game (photo Karen Pring)

Summer Institutes are underway!

courtesy East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute

courtesy East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute

Do you have students attending an institute this summer? Here are some helpful tips on preparing your student for the best experience possible.

Upcoming Events

Start planning now for late summer and fall events! Check out the full list of upcoming opportunities for both teachers and students.

Calling new members!

Interested in joining SAA, the professional organization for Suzuki education? Become a member now, and receive the next American Suzuki Journal!


Humor from the Suzuki Studio

Hair Appointment

Have a funny Suzuki-related story? We would love to hear from you! Tell us your Story or view and add to our “Friday Funnies” on Facebook, and your story may appear in a future SAA comic. Of course, please keep it clean and respectful. We’re not here to laugh at the expense of anyone involved! Please omit individuals’ last names, and change first names if you wish.

Help Out

The Sky is Shining Brighter…

A Star for Geri Arnold
If you look in the Galaxy of Giving, you’ll find a couple of stars dedicated to Geri Arnold, my close friend and Suzuki colleague.  Geri has always freely given her energy and her knowledge to her students and her colleagues over the last many years. Read more from Wendy Azrak…

Get Involved!

Host or Enroll in a SPA Course

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) is a two day, cross-instrumental course designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The inspiration for SPA came from a need, identified by both Trainers and Teacher Workshop Participants, to deal with the challenges of implementing the knowledge gained from unit courses into the reality of day-to-day studio teaching.

SPA participants have been enriched in various ways: renewal in the belief of the potential of each student, learning to communicate more effectively, improving lesson flow and effectiveness, and much more! Teachers with one year of experience to those with over forty years have reaped the benefits of the SPA course! See what courses are being offered in the 2015-2016 academic year, or host one yourself!

Article Submissions

Is there a Suzuki-related subject you wish we’d cover more in the ASJ, newsletter, or blog? Or have you written an article that you would like published? If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please see the Manuscript Guidelines or email the editor at for more information.

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