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Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki!

Dear Friends,

Dr. Suzuki’s generosity was legendary. He shared cookies or chocolates at every group class and he was always coming in the practice room to share whatever gift or treat was presented to him. He was always giving: signed pictures, special boxes, pencils, tapes or books to students and visitors.
A student mentioned to him that she hadn’t seen the local famous Ukiyoe art museum as it was difficult to get to by bicycle or public transportation and the taxi fare there was very expensive. Several days later a large bus arrived. Sensei had arranged a trip for all the kenkyusei students to see the museum.

He gave so generously of his time; extra lessons, a few special words, his focused and sympathetic awareness, more practice advice during practice time … and chocolate, always chocolate.

This past week was the week-long birthday celebration held throughout the Suzuki world. This is your chance to make a meaningful donation in his memory or in the memory of someone who shared his legacy with you.

Please consider a donation of $121 in honor of this incredible man or whatever amount you are able to give. Donations, such as yours, honor his memory and more importantly help the SAA continue his good works. The possibilities for good are endless. For the children of the world…

Thank you,
Winifred Crock and Beth Cantrell,
On behalf of the SAA Board

Student Individual Application

Deadline October 25

All materials must be submitted online by the following dates—no exceptions!

  • October 25: Masterclasses, Bass Choir, Cello Choir, Baroque Chamber Ensemble (Recorder, etc.), Violin Performing Ensemble, Viola Ensemble, Piano Concerto Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, SYOA, and SYASE.

Student Performance Group Application

Deadline November 30

All materials must be submitted online or postmarked by the following dates—no exceptions!
(one deadline remaining)

  • November 30: Chamber Ensembles (pre-formed groups)

Session Proposals

If you would like to share an area of expertise through a session presentation at the Conference, submit your proposal for the Conference Team’s consideration. Read about conference sessions and categories here.

Deadline October 30

  • All proposals must be submitted by October 30, 2019.

Did You Know …

  • SAA Institutes are busy making final plans. Information will be available on the SAA website in just a few weeks!
  • SAA Members trained in Unit 1 can use the teaching resource TwinkleTube. Through this site, teachers graciously share short videos of Pre-Twinkle lessons to help you through the challenges of starting young Suzuki students.
  • Active and Associate Members are able to read the current issue of the American Suzuki Journal on our website.
    View issue here.
  • Your business or program can place an advertisement in the ShortScore. See this page for information.


Sonja Zeithamel Honored

On November 1st, seven leaders will be honored with the National Guild for Community Art Education’s Milestone Certificate of Appreciation for their long-standing, exceptional service to the field. The Milestone program recognizes leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting and advancing community arts education for more than 20 years.
Among the recipients is Sonja Zeithamel, Director of the Preucil School of Music and SAA Violin Teacher Trainer. Congratulations, Sonja!

Special Opportunity: Your school, studio, program, or Library needs its own set of SAA Journals!

ASJ Fan Spread

We are offering back issues of the ASJ @ 12 issues (your selection or ours) for $20, complete with a standing file box per dozen journals. Most issues available from 1991 through 2017. (Single issues may be ordered @$3 each (US) Note: Outside of the U.S., call for additional mailing fee. Click here for ASJ issues and indexes. Once you know what issues you would like, you can call the SAA office to order.

Suzuki Stars Pot-Luck Picnic

Suzuki Stars Pot-Luck Picnic

So wonderful to have our annual end of the year pot-luck picnic play-in at Suzuki Stars Music Academy. We feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful students and teachers!!

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture or ???


Attention Teachers & Students!

(Remaining Deadlines for SAA Conference student participation & sessions)
October 25—Applications for student Masterclasses, Ensembles, Orchestras
October 30—Conference session proposals due
November 30—Chamber Ensembles (pre-formed groups)

December 31—Deadline for nominations: SAA Creating Learning Community awards

Conference Early Bird Registration starts January 15, 2020!

Spa Email

SPA courses are scheduled only for the months from September through early April. Don’t miss these opportunities!

Upcoming SPA: Nov 2–3, 2019

Suzuki Principles in Action with Sharon Miller
Academy of Strings
Johnson City, TN

Sign up here.

Upcoming SPA: Jan 19–20, 2020

Suzuki Principles in Action with Beth Cantrell
Suzuki Association of Colorado
Broomfield/Denver, CO

Sign up here.

Upcoming SPA: Feb 8–9, 2020

Suzuki Principles in Action with Beth Titterington
Charlotte, NC

Sign up here.

Upcoming SPA: Mar 7–8, 2020

Suzuki Principles in Action with Nancy Jackson
Baldwin Wallace
Berea, OH

Sign up here.

The SAA needs YOU to host a 2-day SPA course at your school or other program facility!

You provide the location, help spread the word, and brew the coffee. The SAA does almost all of the planning——registrations, contracts, clinician travel & more!

Experience hassle-free planning & fret-less hosting—who doesn’t like that?

  • See improvements in teacher/parent cooperation.

  • Develop new collegial connections.

  • Raise levels of excellence in your own teaching.

Suzuki Principles in Action © (SPA) may be offered from September through early April. SPA welcomes all Suzuki instrumental, vocal, and Early Childhood teachers who meet the minimum requirements. PLAN NOW! Click here for more about the course, or call the SAA Office for further details.

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