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October 2018
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Annual Reports Season is Here!

It’s time once again to file your Chapter Affiliate’s Annual Reporting Documents,
Due Wednesday, October 31st.

These documents are key in connecting your chapter to the SAA, as well as strengthening your organization through reporting and goal setting.

We are excited to hear about what you have been doing, and what you plan for next year!

  1. Annual Financial Report or Financial Documents (Profit and Loss Balance Sheet) from the most recently completed fiscal year.

  2. Complete Membership list with full contact information. Remember, 100% SAA active membership must be maintained for teachers and all current board members. For information on how to check this, see below. Note: Parents, families, institutions and other members of your chapter must also be listed.

  3. Annual Report on accomplishments, goals met, and future program plans.

  4. List of current officers and directors with full contact information and descriptions of duties.

  5. List of committee chairs with full contact information.

  6. Copies of current corporate Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Be sure to provide documentation of any revisions or amendments made during the previous year to the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws.

  7. Care to share any interesting news of your chapter’s activities or accomplishments? We aim to promote chapter affiliates in the Short Score Email newsletter, journal, Chapter Wise newsletter, and on the website, and would welcome any newsworthy items you’d like to submit!

Invoices will be sent to each Chapter Affiliate by November 30th, and dues are payable by January 15.

Heads up! Chapters who were initially Affiliated with the SAA 5 years ago will receive a Chapter Affiliate renewal document around December 1 in order to clarify agreements and strengthen the connection between the SAA and individual chapters.

Send any questions and/or documents to .

Sending Emails to Your Area?

Fall is membership renewal time for many Chapters, and some are taking advantage of the reach of the SAA’s email list. Two times a year the SAA will send out an email to SAA members in a chapter’s area.

This page lists the recommendations and also requirements for the email content.

Chapter Discussions

Chapter Chat About WebsitesA new video conversation up! Is your Chapter thinking of creating or updating its website? Leaders from the Suzuki Association of Colorado, Indiana, and Massachusetts about their process with their website, what they learned, and what they wish they had known.

Transcript included below the video!

Suzuki Association of Indiana

Suzuki Birthday Celebrations in Indiana

Indiana celebrated Dr. Suzuki’s October birthday throughout their state with their, “Annual Play In at the Arts Garden in downtown Indianapolis on November 6th, 2017. Over 40 students and 7 Suzuki teachers attended, including harp, piano, violin, violas and cellos. Other regions of Indiana had studio celebrations with cake and performances.”

Solution Finders
Suzuki Association of Ontario

Innovative Community Building in Ontario

Suzuki Association of Ontario thought of a creative tool to connect their community: scholarships! Following their mission, “to promote and support the Suzuki method of learning by nurturing excellence in education,” the majority of their funds go towards teacher education, but they support both excellence and community by providing travel funds for board members who have to travel a great distance and funds for board members to get to conference.

The most unique plan they have to strengthen the relationship bonds in their community is by giving funds to teachers to support cross-studio events between schools or communities.

To hear more about the SAO scholarship program and the unique North Texas Suzuki Association program as well, listen to the whole conversation on the Chapter Leadership Discussion page!

Leadership Links
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Best Practices on Creating Email to Groups

With the new policy of the SAA sending out two emails a year for Chapters, we thought we would give you some additional pointers to support your email campaigns. Yes, we gave you a list of recommendations and requirements for the emails, but a well crafted email takes a bit more.

The most important step is to know and understand your audience. One trick to creating a clear “voice” in your emails is to think of an image in your mind of a single person you are sending this message to: Who are they? What is is that they want? What drives them? What problem are you solving for them? By picturing one person in your mind who will be receiving your email, you will be better able to put yourself in their shoes. It will be easier to answer questions to yourself such as,

  • Did I give all the information possible that someone needs?
  • Why would someone be motivated to take action from what they have read?
  • Is the information given efficient enough that someone would take the time to read it?

For more tips and policies, here are links to two articles on the subject of building a great email.

11 Mistakes That Make Your Email Newsletter Absolutely Unreadable

How to Write Content for Email Marketing

❦ Connect: Build community among all students, parents, and teachers.

❦ Educate: Provide resources and/or support to teachers and parents, incoming and current, concerning Suzuki teaching and philosophy.

❦ Support: Financially benefit teachers and students for further enrichment (i.e. scholarship programs for conferences, institutes, workshops).

❦ Celebrate: Arrange Concerts, Graduation, Celebration, Cross Instrument Recitals, Honors Recitals, etc. to rejoice in music together.

❦ Respect: Support the Suzuki name/brand/legacy by requiring SAA membership for teachers as well as broadening membership and providing grassroots feedback to the SAA.

What is an affiliated Chapter? Want to create your own Chapter?

Questions? Comments? Write to

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