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November 2010

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Parents As Partners Online

We are excited to invite Suzuki Parents and Teachers to a special event coming this winter: Parents As Partners Online. Over thirty presenters will be sharing their expertise as part of this unique new Suzuki project. Kick-off date is Monday, January 17 and online registration is open now. Shar Products has generously agreed to sponsor this online event.

Similar to the Virtual Leadership Retreat in 2009, Parents as Partners Online will provide participants with informative talks on various parent education and Suzuki education topics, presented over the course of 6 weeks. Video sessions are 10 to 20 minutes each; participants can access the site at any time day or night to take advantage of these informative, inspiring and concise presentations. We aim to nurture the parent side of the Suzuki triangle on such invaluable subjects as:

  • Practice: building a strong parent-child relationship; managing frustration; strategies for creating a successful practice
  • Repetition and Review: the whys and hows
  • Balancing Busy Schedules
  • Reflections and advice on the Suzuki Journey
  • Managing the Teenager Years: The Road to Independence
  • The Changing Role of the Parent
  • The Importance of Listening
  • Childhood Memories of Dr. Suzuki
  • Institute Experiences: What it’s all about
  • What Current Publications are saying about “Talent”

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive emails with schedule details and other information when available. Online discussions, video presentations, and special “events” are just a few of the opportunities to expect.

Teachers, plan parent meetings around the PPO event! Schedule some get-togethers, where parents can watch a presentation together or just come together for refreshments and discussions about some of the presentations they have already watched. What a great way to build community in your program or studio!


$25—individual member (parent or teacher)

$45—individual non-member

$45—small studio: member teacher, 1-5 parents

$6—each additional parent

You will need the name and email of each parent to enroll them.

Register today! Don’t miss out!

Thanking Our Lucky Stars

This year’s Annual Fund Drive provides an opportunity to give from our hearts by honoring a person or persons, a situation, an event, or whatever truly brightens our lives. It is a chance to recognize and dedicate the gifts of emotional support, encouragement, knowledge, and inspiration that we have received from those who have helped to shape our lives.

For a donation of $25, $45, $70, $90 or more, you can honor someone special in our SAA Galaxy of Stars. You can even send your honoree an email apprising them of your tribute—or you may prefer that your tribute remain anonymous.

We all enjoy the good fortune of having the ability to share the gift of music. This seems a wonderful opportunity to distinguish those whose influence is personally meaningful with our words and gifts. Their stars will twinkle in our virtual sky.

See the SAA Galaxy of Stars

Read Bill Preucil’s Annual Fund Letter

Ask the Experts part 16: Grant Writing

Ask the Experts

How can the SAA connect teachers with grant-writing classes to find funding? How does one go about finding philanthropic sources?

Grant writing is an art. But just like playing a musical instrument, anybody can do it if they are willing to invest the time to do the required research and write a persuasive and cohesive grant proposal. Here are some things you should know:

Read more about Grant Writing

New Books by Kendall and Kreitman

Recollections of a Peripatetic Pedagogue

By John Kendall
130 pages with over 50 photographs

Suzuki pioneer John Kendall’s recollections of events in his life and career.

“The appropriateness of ‘peripatetic pedagogue’ to describe my career can best be understood by glancing at the maps in the endpapers of this book, where my travels, both national and international, are recorded. Indeed, a colleague once called me ‘the Marco Polo of the Suzuki Method’. Another thought ‘Johnny Appleseed of the Suzuki movement’ might be appropriate. Fortunately, no one has yet designated me ‘the Genghis Khan of the violin world’, although the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun once described me as a member of the ‘American Strange Teachers Association’.”
John Kendall

Teaching with an Open Heart

By Edward Kreitman
127 pages

A guide to developing conscious musicianship for Suzuki parents, teachers and students.

“Edward Kreitman has taken the life-altering experience of open-heart surgery and subsequent learnings—medical, psychological, and spiritual—and integrated them into his life as a wholistic teacher. Teaching with an Open Heart will inform and inspire others who teach the violin. The truths he shares, however, go far beyond the instrument, mirroring the teachings of Dr. Suzuki, that we are ‘educating for life through music.’”
Kay Collier McLaughlin, PhD, Director for Leadership Development and Independent Human, Relations, Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Author of They’re Rarely Too Young and Never Too Old to Twinkle

Upcoming SPA Courses

Upcoming SPA Courses
Dec 20-21, Toronto, ON
Jan 7-8, Minneapolis, MN
Jan 9 & 16, Pasadena, CA
Jan 15-16, Alexandria, VA
Feb 11-12, Winnipeg, MB
Feb 19-20, Harrisonburg, VA
Feb 26-27, Atlanta, GA
Mar 19-20, Edmonton, AB

More about SPA, including how to host a course in your area.

2011 Summer Institutes

2011 Summer Institute Map

Preliminary 2011 Summer Institute dates are now online. New Institutes may be approved in the next month. Full Institute information will be available online and in the Journal in January.

Leadership Retreat: May 26-29, 2011

American Airlines Conference Center, Fort Worth, TX

American Airlines Conference Center, Fort Worth, TX

Save the dates: May 26-29, 2011, American Airlines Conference Center, Fort Worth, TX

The facility is 10 minutes from DFW Airport. Watch for details and registration information on the SAA website.

Institute Directors, Teacher Trainers, Chapter leaders, Conference and other Committee members and all who are interested in expanding their leadership skills are encouraged to attend.

A Tribute to Nellie Novak

Nell Novak

December 19, 1924 – September 6, 2010
Presented at the Memorial Service by Gilda Barston

My first encounter with Nellie Robin Novak was in 1973. I had met her husband, Kal, at an informal chamber music gathering, and we discussed the emergence of Suzuki cello. I was interested in the method, as was Nell, and in the fall of 1974 we began to team-teach a Suzuki cello group class at the Skokie School in Winnetka. This was the beginning of a long friendship and teaching collaboration.

Nell was active in the Suzuki movement from 1973 through her association with Dr. Milton Goldberg. She implemented the Suzuki cello method at what was then The Music Center of the North Shore (now the Music Institute of Chicago), and joined the faculty of the American Suzuki Institute in Stevens Point, WI, in 1974. The teachers at Stevens Point were revising the Suzuki cello materials, and Nell was instrumental in the development of what is now the Suzuki Cello School repertoire. She served on the SAA Cello committee for over 10 years (several years as chair) and was also on the SAA Board of Directors from 1980-1983. Nell was appointed as a teacher trainer in the early 80s and spent many years sharing her love and knowledge of the Suzuki method with aspiring teachers. She received the Suzuki Chair Award at Stevens Point in 1993 and was awarded the Suzuki Association of the Americas “Excellence in Teaching” Award in 1996.

Continue reading A Tribute to Nellie Novak

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