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July 2009

SAA Online Member Renewals

Online membership renewals through 7/17/09

Since we launched online membership renewals on June 9th, there have been more than 130 online renewals, including one Lifetime membership!

You can renew your membership online at any time. 6 weeks before your membership expires you will receive an email reminder.

SAA Training Registration Stats

Training registrations 6/1-7/17/09

650 summer teacher training courses have been registered through the new course registration process, with about 1,000 more in various stages of completion.

You can view all your training records from your online account, including all your training still pending registration.

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Conference Deadlines

  • September 30, 2009: International Ensembles
  • October 15, 2009: Session Proposals (online submission), Chamber Music Preformed Groups, Chamber Music Non-Preformed Groups, Masterclasses, Flute Performing Ensemble, Recorder Consort, SYOA
  • December 15, 2009: Piano Concerto

Why Go?

Submitted by Christie Felsing, SAA Conference Coordinator

One might ask oneself, “Why go to the 2010 SAA Conference in Minneapolis?” After all, it is Memorial Day weekend, and it is cool northern Minnesota (not the sunny Caribbean). Wouldn’t it be nice to stay home and relax as a long semester winds down?

Anyone who has made the time and financial investment to attend knows the truth…coming is well worth the effort! The Conference weekend is truly inspirational, allowing one to refuel with new pedagogical ideas and also engage in conversations with old friends. Offered biennially, it is a time for professional growth providing the opportunity for all who subscribe to the Suzuki philosophy to share ideas and perspectives.

For those members considering registering for the first time or returning after an absence, you won’t be sorry that you made the trip! We welcome you as you join the greater Suzuki community. Here’s your chance to meet people literally from all over the world. But most importantly, it is a chance to continue your life-long learning, something Dr. Suzuki encouraged all of us to do. You’ll connect with past trainers, hear master classes featuring our very own distinguished members, attend keynote addresses, learn more about the role of teamwork within Suzuki, and not to mention, become charged by chamber music. You may even choose to come early and attend the International Research Symposium on Talent Education or enroll in the Every Child Can! course in preparation for your summer’s teacher training studies. The offerings are extensive and invaluable.

Whether new or old to the Conference, please consider submitting a proposal on (1) an instrument specific pedagogy topic or (2) a Top Ten Track topic. Your participation is of utmost importance in this Conference with a theme of TEAMWORK.

The Conference Team also encourages you to consider the numerous student opportunities available. The expansion of the chamber music area involves both preformed and non-preformed ensembles. Additional offerings include solo master classes featuring Suzuki core repertoire and beyond, team teaching of lessons, chamber music master classes in both individual and side-by-side coaching format, Flute Performing Ensemble, Recorder Consort, Piano Concerto Event, the Suzuki Youth Orchestra of the Americas and the International Ensembles Concert.

As you plan for the upcoming academic year, I hope you will consider joining your fellow colleagues in Minneapolis in May 2010. It’s guaranteed to be a weekend of true teamwork.

112 new members have joined the SAA in the last month. Welcome!

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