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Dear SAA Community:

We are almost half way through the year! Thank you for being with us on this journey. We hope the information below offers insights to happenings within the SAA, and within the orchestral music community. Over time, we will continue to offer happenings within the SAA, and within the larger music landscape—not only in the orchestral field, but the youth development and music education fields as well. We know you might also have suggestions for who other organizations, groups, or people, and we look forward to hearing those suggestions from you. We hope to be a resource and a connection point for our members.

We look forward to seeing you later this week at We Are Suzuki! We hope that you all are staying healthy, and look forward to even more collaboration in the coming months. As always, please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The SAA Team

We Are Suzuki Banner Final

Our online conference, We Are Suzuki, starts Thursday, May 26th! Haven’t registered yet? There’s still time!

Register Now!

Event dates: May 26-28, 2022
Event Location: Zoom!

Note: This event is free to members of the SAA. While the suggested donation is $100, we want to make the event accessible for all members.

Call for We are Suzuki Videos!

In collaboration with the Suzuki Alumni Project, we are calling on Suzuki alum and Suzuki members to submit a video! Here’s a message from the Suzuki Alumni Project: Because Every Child Can! Calling on the Suzuki community to create your own video for We are Suzuki! The Philadelphia Orchestra Suzuki alum did, and we invite you to do the same with your students, children, families, and colleagues. Due Friday May 27th! The videos will be compiled for the conference to show community and enthusiasm for our Suzuki education. Thank you!

Community Guidelines & Community Gathering

The Suzuki Association of the Americas is committed to creating inclusive, diverse, and generative spaces for its members. We are a community made up of members from several countries, many walks of life, and a wide set of perspectives and values. It is important that we agree as a group on guidelines for how to engage with each other. Our organization aims to solve big problems that impact teachers, students, parents, artists, musicians, and each of us as people.

We know that in order for us to collaborate, we need to agree on a few basic principles for how to engage together. The guidelines below are intended for engaging in community spaces, including community gatherings virtually or in person, as well as discussion forums on the SAA website, social media, or in relation to any SAA materials. While the guidelines are not all encompassing, we will use them as a starting point for how we can begin to collaborate.

Read the full guidelines here

We invite you to participate in our next Community Gathering Thursday, May 26th!

Community Gatherings have been a space for everyone to gather and hear from Angelica on questions submitted by members. For this session, Angelica wants to hear from members more directly! We’ll collaborate together to answer the questions about the SAA: What’s going well? What needs to be improved (tweaked & improved), What do we need to change (get rid of), and how can we best meet the SAA’s mission to improve the quality of life through Suzuki Education? If you can’t make it to this session, don’t worry. There will be additional opportunities for sessions similar to this in the coming months.

Read the notes from the April 28 Community Gathering

A Note about Social Media

Please note that the SAA is currently disconnected from its Facebook page due to an error with Facebook! We apologize for this inconvenience, and are working to resolve this. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us via Please also feel free to connect with us via Instagram @suzukiamericas!

The American Suzuki Journal

The next issue of the American Suzuki Journal is coming to your mailbox soon. This issue celebrates the process of transition. In your copy, you’ll find:

  • An article about the psychology of transitions
  • Best practices for organizational transition
  • Reflections on life transitions from our members

And so much more! Support your colleagues and friends by reading their work.

Notes from the Board
Andrea Raza

The SAA Board met for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. The Board welcomed Andrea Raza Álvaro to the SAA Board of Directors. She brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience, especially to the needs of the Suzuki Association in Latin America.

Additional discussion centered around a fiscally strong ending to the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Topics discussed included the SAA budget, the current business model, and fundraising goals. The Board also nominated Kay Collier McLaughlin to be the next SAA representative to the Board of Directors of the International Suzuki Association (ISA), as per ISA policy. Dr. McLaughlin (she/her) has been a major force in Suzuki education since the founding of the SAA, and she brings a unique set of skills and expertise in psychology, communication and organizational systems.

LA Phil Symphonies for Schools!

​​The LA Phil has offered two free digital concerts with music curriculum for Elementary and Secondary schools! Check it out at this link! We hope that you might find this interesting for your students!

The Black Orchestral Network

The Black Orchestral Network launched earlier this month. Check out their website, and call to action. We know there is much for us as an organization to learn and improve on. We hope that this resource is helpful to our members.

Guitar Center Music Foundation

The Guitar Center Music Foundation just launched its new grants application. You can learn more at this link. The Guitar Center Music Foundation awards musical instruments and equipment to in-need schools and music programs. If you think your program may qualify, and/or if you want more information, check out the website, and let us know if we can be helpful! Connect with us at .

The 16th International Research Symposium on Talent Education
International Research Symposium on Talent Education

The 2020 International Research Symposium on Talent Education (IRSTE) was such a success that we’ve decided to do it online again. We welcome all researchers, teachers, parents, and inquiring minds to join us for a series of three 90-minute Zoom sessions on June 12, 15, and 17, 2022.

Sessions on June 12 and 15 will include presentations of scholarly research as well as practical topics relevant to Suzuki teaching, such as listening, note reading, composing, and performance anxiety. On June 17, we are very pleased to welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Karin Hendricks, Boston University professor, researcher, and author of Compassionate Music Teaching. Her keynote, “Exercising Empathy: The Suzuki Way,” will be followed by an online session to answer questions and discuss applications in the studio.

The schedule of presenters is now posted. Both the schedule and registration for the online symposium can be found at! We hope you will join us for this exciting online experience! For more information please visit

$500 Scholarships for In-person Violin Unit 1 at ASI

Dr. Suzuki believed that the environment plays a very important role in forming a child’s character and musical ability. That’s why institutes are so important. For one week, families are immersed in surroundings where they can experience this enriched environment of which Dr. Suzuki speaks—learning in a positive, nurturing atmosphere, adults who model noble character, and motivation which lasts long after the last note of the final concert. New teachers coming to the method need to observe and live this experience of the philosophy-in-action to grasp its essence.

American Suzuki Foundation Logo

For this reason, the American Suzuki Foundation (ASF) of Stevens Point, WI, is providing $500 scholarships to the first ten teacher workshop participants who enroll for in-person Unit One training with Pat D’Ercole at the American Suzuki Institute, July 17-30, 2022. While online training may be less expensive and more convenient, the ASF believes that witnessing and experiencing the “magic” of an institute is an integral part to understanding, implementing, and living the Suzuki philosophy.

For more information, visit Hurry! Early bird registration ends May 31.

News from Latin America

The Suzuki Committee of Associations of Latin America is pleased to share that the Suzuki Association of Guatemala is organizing the Violin Unit Two Course with the coordination of Fernando Piñero (Argentina).

In addition to training teachers, the course has master classes for children, as well as group lessons.

We congratulate this initiative and wish the best for more courses in Guatemala!

We would like to reiterate the warmest invitation to all Latin American countries that work with the Suzuki Method to send information on all the actions and events that have taken place in their region (organization of associations, activities that have been or are being programmed, etc.) so that this news can be shared with all members of the SAA. Please contact

Noticias desde Guatemala

El Comité de Asociaciones Suzuki de América Latina se complace en compartir que la Asociación Suzuki de Guatemala se encuentra organizando el Curso de Libro 2 de Violín bajo la coordinación del Maestro Fernando Piñero (Argentina).

Además de la capacitación a los profesores(as) el curso cuenta con clases magistrales para niños y niñas, así como también clases grupales.

¡Felicitamos esta iniciativa y auguramos lo mejor para más cursos en Guatemala!

Reiteramos la más cordial invitación a todos los países de América Latina que trabajan con el Método Suzuki para enviar información sobre todas las acciones que han venido realizando (organización de sus asociaciones, eventos y actividades que se están programando, etc.) con el fin de compartir ellos en las siguientes publicaciones. Esta información se puede enviar al correo electrónico:

Notícias de Guatemala

O Comitê de Associações Suzuki da América Latina tem o prazer de informar que a Associação Suzuki da Guatemala está organizando o Curso de Violino Livro 2, sob a coordenação do Professor Capacitador Fernando Piñero (Argentina).

Além da capacitação para professores(as), o curso conta com master classes para meninos e meninas, além de aulas em grupo.

Parabenizamos esta iniciativa e desejamos o melhor para que Guatemala possa realizar mais cursos!

Reiteramos o mais cordial convite a todos os países latino-americanos que trabalham com o Método Suzuki para que enviem informações sobre todas as ações que vêm realizando (organização de suas associações, eventos e atividades que estão sendo programadas, etc.) a fim de compartilhá-las nas postagens seguintes. Essas informações podem ser enviadas para o e-mail:

If you are interested in becoming a Premier Business Member please contact the SAA office.

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