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December 2009

In this issue:

  • Celebrating Excellence 2009 CD
  • Ask the Experts, parts 6-10
  • Member Demographics
  • ISA Violin Committee Report on Book Revisions
  • 4 More New Institutes


  • Keynote Speakers
  • A “Masterclass” for Graduate and Doctoral Researchers?
  • Conference Sponsorship, Exhibiting, and Advertising Opportunities

Celebrating Excellence 2009 CD

Celebrating Excellence 2009 CD cover

Celebrating Excellence 2009 features musicians who began their careers as Suzuki students. This year’s collection features 11 performances—solos and ensembles—including violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, and harp. We are grateful to these talented performers for sharing their artistry with Suzuki supporters and friends and for their statements of support for Suzuki Method!

Celebrating Excellence 2009 is a special gift available to this year’s Annual Fund donors at the $75 level or beyond. Many thanks in advance for your generosity! Note: Your gifts are tax-exempt in the United States.

See the track list and read more about the performers on Celebrating Excellence 2009.

Ask the Experts, parts 6-10

Part 6: Practicing and Psychological Development
What are some ways to make practicing more interesting?

Part 7: Suzuki and Professional Music
When a student decides to pursue music professionally, how do you nurture them to uphold Suzuki’s philosophy while guiding them toward more concrete goals such as winning auditions and sustaining a profession in music?

Part 8: Teens
What are good ways to keep students involved through Junior and Senior High?

Part 9: Long-Term Goal and Piano Studios
What is the long-term teaching goal for all students? How can piano teachers work together to raise the overall quality of our students on a local and national basis?

Part 10: Group Lessons
Should you use the same bowings for both violin and viola especially when leading or teaching a group class? How do you provide group classes to students when you are starting out and you may have a studio of varying ages, levels, and backgrounds?

View all Ask the Experts columns

Member Demographics

How many SAA members are there? What instruments do they play and where do they live? What is their involvement with the Suzuki method: as a teacher, parent, program administrator, or some other role?

Find out: SAA Member Demographics

We can expand the member demographics report with your help. Fill in your age group and gender on your member profile and we’ll have a more detailed report in January.

ISA Violin Committee Report on Violin Book Revisions

This first part of this report was published last year, but be sure to read the second half, which covers the revision of Violin Books 4 and 5, and plans for Books 6 through 8.

The following report consists of three sections:

  1. A history of the book revision process,
  2. A description of the procedure for the compilation, editing, and publication of the revised editions for Volumes 1-5 and,
  3. A look forward at the upper volumes in the Suzuki Violin School.

Read Violin Book Revisions Report

4 More New Summer Institutes

We have 4 more new Summer Institutes for next year, in addition to the 62 established Institutes, and the 4 new ones announced in the last newsletter.

I AM Festival

Indianapolis, IN

Suzuki Institute at Phoenix Phest

Ann Arbor, MI

Temple University Suzuki Institute

Philadelphia, PA

Williamsburg Suzuki Institute

Williamsburg, VA

See 2010 Summer Institute information

Keynote Speakers

How Children Learn…and How They Don’t
Dr. Robert Duke, co-presentation with International Research Symposium
Friday, May 28, 8:30 AMThe Talent Code
Daniel Coyle
Sunday, May 30, 2:00 PM

Read more about the keynote speakers

A “Masterclass” for Graduate and Doctoral Researchers?

The International Research symposium on Talent Education is sponsoring a “masterclass” with Dr. Robert A. Duke for music education research students.

See details on Research Masterclass

Conference Sponsorship, Exhibiting, and Advertising Opportunities

If you or your company is interested in exhibiting at the SAA Conference, advertising in the program booklet, or sponsoring a Conference event, package information and contract forms are now available:

Booklet Advertising
Sponsorship Opportunities

146 new members have joined the SAA in the last month. Welcome!

Events: February

San Jose, Costa Rica
Filosofia, Cello, Violin Book 3

Cincinnati, OH
Piano Book 4

Amherst, MA
Violin Book 1

Nashville, TN
Violin Overview Books 1-5

January events

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