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Suzuki Association of the Americas

Since you have a profile on the SAA Teacher Search, I thought you’d like to know about some new features we’ve added.

Full Profile Page

Your full profile page (part of our improved online member directory) can be linked from your short profile in the teacher search service. This allows people finding you in the teacher search to view any additional information your choose to share, such as your bio.

Edit your web settings to customize the privacy settings for you profile page. To see how your profile appears to parents finding you in the teacher search, log out while on your profile page to see it’s “public” version. If your profile page is not set to “public”, it will not be linked from your teacher search listing.

Important: As a teacher search user, I’ve set your profile page, instrument, picture, bio, and registered training to “public”, so it will show with your teacher search listing, and allow parents to view your full bio. The only change from how things were previously is that your bio is now public and accessible from the teacher search. If you would like to keep any of this information private, log in and edit your web settings.

Bios & Websites

We’ve enabled bios and websites for the teacher search. Your website (if you’ve filled it in with your address information) will be shown in the teacher search results. To view your bio, parents can click “view full profile & bio”.

This is the same bio used in the online member directory, and on any articles you’ve written for SAA, so please keep it short and professional.

Add your bio and website now, if you haven’t already.


If you uploaded your picture a while ago, it may have been saved at a small size—smaller than is currently being used on your profile page. If your picture is not wide enough on your profile page, you can upload a new picture, and it will be resized to fit the larger space (200 pixels wide).

If you haven’t uploaded a picture—add your picture now!


If you have any questions about how these new features work, just email me at . Suggestions are very welcome!

See the June Newsletter to read more about other recent upgrades to the SAA website: new discussion forums, and the new online member directory.

Jenny Ferenc
SAA Webmaster

Suzuki Association of the Americas
PO Box 17310, Boulder CO 80308