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August 2009

In this issue:

  • What does TEAMWORK mean to you?
  • 2009 Minijournal
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Teacher Location Service


  • What’s New and Special for 2010?
  • Ten Questions about the Top Ten Tracks
  • Student Audition Application
  • Submit Your Conference Session Proposal
  • Calling all Chamber Musicians!

What does TEAMWORK mean to you?

With the 2010 SAA Conference theme being TEAMWORK, we are interested in hearing what teamwork means to you. Please post in 35 words or less how you define teamwork. How does the concept of teamwork play out in your life and work?

Post your ideas on TEAMWORK

2009 Minijournal

You can now purchase copies of the 2009 Minijournal for your students and parents who did not attend an institute this summer (or yourself!). Includes articles on Tone and Teamwork by teachers, and Suzuki-themed puzzles. Price: 50¢

Purchase 2009 Minijournal

Attention, Teachers!

  • Have you been a Suzuki Teacher and SAA Member for 3 or more years?
  • Have you complete Units 1-4, ECC, and the Practicum or SPA?

Then you may be ready to apply for the new SAA Certificate of Achievement! Check it out!

See Certificate of Achievement application

Teacher Location Service

Looking for more students? Now is the time to sign up for the online teacher location service.

Listing in the Find a Teacher search on the SAA website is not automatic. (There are lots of members who don’t want to be listed!) If you would like to be included, you need to sign up here.

May 27-31, 2010 marks the SAA’s 14th Biennial Conference in Minneapolis, MN, at the Hilton Hotel and Convention Center. Be sure to save the dates for this special event! The theme for 2010 is TEAMWORK.

Visit the Conference website for more information on the plans so far.

What’s New and Special for 2010?

  • New kick-off start time: Friday, May 28 at 8:30 am
  • Lots of Chamber Music opportunities
  • Top Ten Tracks
  • Featuring our Distinguished SAA Member Clinicians and Young Artist-Teacher Professionals
  • Young Artist Clinicians’ Recital
  • Mother/daughter, father/son and father/daughter teaching combos
  • Side-by-side chamber music coachings
  • Benefit Concert with the Claremont Trio
  • Bad Boyz Bass Quartet
  • New remodeled and expanded meeting area on 2nd level (Minneapolis Hilton)
  • Special Partnership with the Minnesota Orchestra (details soon!)
  • SAA Certificate of Achievement presentations

Watch the list grow each month!

Ten Questions about the Top Ten Tracks

  1. What is a “Top Ten Track”?

    A “Top Ten Track” is an opportunity for teachers from all disciplines to come together and learn. Each topic in the “Top Ten Track” will feature ten ideas (or more) that you will be able to take home and use during the year. Tracks will be presented by teachers from all of the instrument areas.

  2. Why are we having “Top Ten Tracks” at the conference?

    The Conference Planning Team wanted to create a time for everyone to get together and learn from each other. We also wanted to create a change of pace from the usual conference sessions to provide a different way for you to experience the conference.

Read all 10 questions

Student Audition Application

Student auditions are now being accepted for all Conference events. Check the student participation requirements for all the students events, eligibility requirements, and audition pieces.

Apply for a Student Conference Event

Submit Your Conference Session Proposal

Session proposals are now being accepted for Top Ten Tracks and instrument-specific pedagogy.

Submit a Conference Session Proposal

You will need to log in to submit a proposal. If you haven’t yet set up a website account, you can create one from the “create an account” link on the login page.

Calling all Chamber Musicians!

With the 2010 Conference theme being TEAMWORK, it is quite fitting that the weekend’s chamber music offerings are being expanded. Chamber music, defined as one on a part, is truly a spirit of collaboration both musically and socially. This unique learning experience requires interdependence, yet individuality. Each part is so vital to the whole, and the interaction amongst players, young or old, is crucial to success. The process of problem solving and decision making (including “agreeing to disagree”!) builds respect and empathy within an ensemble. What incredible life skills to instill in any human being.

Read more on chamber music

116 new members have joined the SAA in the last month. Welcome!

1,923 teachers are listed on the Teacher Location Service.

Events: September

Córdoba, Argentina
Filosofía, Guitar 1 & 3, Violin 1 & 2

Houston, TX
Piano Book 1

São Paulo, Brazil
Taller de Lectura

Chicago, IL
Every Child Can!

Iowa City, IA
Every Child Can!

Asunción, Paraguay

Londrina, Brazil
Every Child Can!

All upcoming events

The Promise...The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher's Pledge

At the SAA’s April 4 Annual Meeting, a brand new Teacher Development video was unveiled. We are proud to present this new short film, “The Promise…The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge.” It gets to the heart of Dr. Suzuki’s vision for excellence in education for every child. Its message helps us understand the essential importance of ongoing Teacher Development and life-long learning.

Watch A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge online

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