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Suzuki Association of the Americas

To Our Suzuki Community,

Once again, our community has been called upon by circumstances beyond our control to uphold our persistent belief and dedication to the education of children through the beauty and inspiration of music. After four months now, the Suzuki community throughout the Americas can be proud of what is being accomplished in continuing our work with children and parents throughout the pandemic.

Our stated mission is “… to ensure that excellent Suzuki Education is recognized, sought, and provided to the benefit of all the peoples of the Americas … .”

We continue to reach out to teachers, children, and families from Alaska to Patagonia with Suzuki’s message of beauty, peace, and inclusion. Much HAS been accomplished and the reach of our message will continue to expand.

Even during political and social unrest, Suzuki teachers will continue to create a community of learning and love—like Dr. Suzuki, we never tire of the effort! If greater understanding, compassion, and support are needed in our community, we will seek and find solutions.

The SAA and its vast community will continue to uphold Suzuki values and expand our reach to children and families of all races, religions and ethnicities.

The staff and Board send their love and appreciation to all Suzuki teachers and families of all backgrounds at this time and into the future!

—June 4, 2020

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