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Conference: Session Proposals

Whether or not you play guitar, you’ll want to hear what these teachers say (and play!) about attending the 17th Biennial SAA Conference in Minneapolis May 26-30, 2016.

Read the latest information regarding conference session proposals and the option of designing a special nano presentation. You can propose your session or nano-session today at the links below:

Conference: Student Applications

Student Applications are now being accepted online for all events. We welcome your submissions!


Back to School Online Store Sale is underway: stock-up now!

Take advantage of the great savings on various Suzuki materials for you, your parents, and studio! Prices in effect through September 30.

101 Japanese Childrens Songs Violin Lessons!! Storybook Math Fun for Suzuki Families
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Parents as Partners 2016  
Parents As Partners Online

A new series of Parents as Partners mini-sessions will be offered in 2016! Beginning and veteran parents alike have greatly benefited from this unique online program, with teachers utilizing the wisdom at parent discussions and get-togethers. If you are new to this offering, consider viewing the PPO DVD set from the 2006 SAA Conference, available via the SAA Online Store sale.

PPO prices remain the same as 2015, with the online video series including brand new short talks, as well as favorites from the past. Watch for registration information in future Short Score newsletters, with early bird pricing listed below.


Teacher (you!) plus your studio parents.
Note: Parents do not need to be SAA members, but are always welcome to join.
$50 for teacher plus 1 to 5 parents
$10 for each additional parent
*School or program members may register via the “Studio” option, adding parents in the same manner.


$25 for SAA members
$45 for non-members

Upcoming Events

Many training courses and workshops are offered throughout the school year. Check out the various upcoming opportunities for both teachers and students.

American Suzuki Journal 43.4

American Suzuki Journal,
Volume 43 #4: Sneak Peek

Don’t miss these highlights and much more from the latest issue of the American Suzuki Journal, appearing in mailboxes soon!

Chair’s Column: The 730 Day Challenge
Sarah Bylander Montka’s first message to the SAA membership as chair of the SAA Board of Directors:

“Dedicated work, grounded in excellence and possibility is at the heart of Suzuki education. Using gentle consistency, we help unlock ability and have the great privilege of witnessing the ‘look what I can do!’ moment of awareness on a child’s face.”

Methodological Magic
The violin column from Joseph Kaminsky takes readers on a magical tour through one student’s practice habits. Teachers, parents, and students of all instruments will enjoy this creative column—and you’ll definitely find ideas to put into use in your studio!

Second Mexican Suzuki Encounter: Forming Community
The Asociación Mexicana del Método Suzuki has achieved exceptional growth and success since its founding 10 years ago. From April 30–May 4, 2015, they celebrated in true Suzuki learning community style at the Second Mexican Suzuki Encuentro. Leslie Mizrahi shares an in-depth report with beautiful photos of this wonderful event.

Artículos en Español
Para leer actualizaciones de los programas de América Latina en español, por favor visite:

To read more, be sure your SAA membership is currently active, or join now to reap the full benefits of this professional organization for Suzuki education!


Chapters come alive!
Suzuki Association of Utah logo

Each month we will be featuring news from one of our chapter affiliates, with September being news from the Suzuki Association of Utah about their fall Celebration Concerts. Read more from SAU’s President Connie McCullough.

What is a Chapter Affiliate?

Chapter Logo

A Chapter Affiliate is a local Suzuki Association that has met the requirements of the SAA not only to be endorsed by the SAA, but also to receive their support, benefits, and international recognition. Chapter Affiliates are extremely important to the SAA because they allow the philosophies and goals of the organization to be implemented at the local level, and likewise, the Chapter Affiliate receives the benefits of recognition and promotion at the national level. In essence, Chapter Affiliates are one of the most important and effective keys to weaving your local Suzuki community into the whole national and international Suzuki movement.

Chapter Affiliates are not only beneficial for the international community, but most importantly, they are valuable to you. Chapter affiliation benefits you and your area in the following ways:

  • Helps you connect more closely with the teachers in your area.

  • Offers education and support for both teachers and parents.

  • Provides scholarships and other benefits for students and teachers.

  • Keeps you updated through websites and newsletters posting local events and other information.

  • Connects you with the SAA, which provides support and resources.

Click Here for more information about our Chapter Affiliates or how to become a Chapter Affiliate of the SAA.


Humor from the Suzuki Studio  

Motorcycle Help Cartoon

Have a funny Suzuki-related story? We would love to hear from you! Tell us your Story or view and add to our “Friday Funnies” on Facebook, and your story may appear in a future SAA comic. Of course, please keep it clean and respectful. We’re not here to laugh at the expense of anyone involved! Please omit individuals’ last names, and change first names if you wish.

Get Involved!

SPA Course: a great way to refresh and renew!

Consider hosting or taking an upcoming Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) course! This two day, cross-instrumental course is designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The inspiration for SPA came from a need, identified by both Trainers and Teacher Workshop Participants, to deal with the challenges of implementing the knowledge gained from unit courses into the reality of day-to-day studio teaching.

Seven SPA courses are currently scheduled, with more to come! Read more regarding hosting a course or make plans to attend one already scheduled: October 10-11 (Westport, CT), October, 16-17 (Indianapolis, IN), November 28-29 (Edmonton, AB, Canada), January 9-10 (Eastern Mennonite University, VA), January 17-18 (Loma Linda, CA), March 4-5 (Holland, MI), March 5-6 (Chicago, IL).

Article Submissions

Is there a Suzuki-related subject you wish we’d cover more in the ASJ, newsletter, or blog? Or have you written an article that you would like published? If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please see the Manuscript Guidelines or email us at for more information.

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